10 defunct car brands we wish were still there

Among the most eccentric automotive brands, Saab has created unique cars using meager budgets coupled with ingenious Swedish engineering solutions. Among the many quirks of a Saab are the location of the key in the center of the console between the front seats and the placement of their 4-cylinder engine inclined in reverse, so that the clutch is actually at the front of the car and the driven accessories are towards the rear of the engine compartment against the firewall.

Saab fell victim to the 2008 financial crisis during the restructuring of General Motors, which decided to sell the brand to the highest bidder, as reported by The New York Times. Automaker Spyker’s attempt to keep the famed Swedish brand afloat ended in catastrophic failure, with the bits of Saab being scooped up by a Chinese company which Motor Trend says has since gone bankrupt and then relaunched as a as an electric mobility company. . At the time of its demise, Saab had concept cars and new platforms in the works and had just released an all-new Saab 9-5 model. The Spyker-led company only managed to produce 3,419 of the new 9-5 models before production ceased, according to eSaabparts.com.

It’s likely that a modern Saab would have continued on this path, creating new hybrid and electric models with updated styling. Without the calamity that was the financial crisis of 2008, there is no reason to think that Saab would not be here today.

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