10 tips to help you build your Skyrim home

Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC does not add a story to the base game, but instead adds more housing and family options. Although you can buy houses already built in most sockets, usually those surrounded by protective walls, there are other sockets that did not give you this option. If your Skyrim character has never really been a loner and you don’t mind putting in a bit of effort, you can now purchase up to three properties in most of these other outlets, leaving Winterhold the only one left behind. side.

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Customize your home to your liking, making the most of your new land by pouring your character’s blood, sweat, tears, and money into building their own home, working for hours in real-time to build it. fully furnish. When it comes to building your home, it’s definitely better to work smarter, not harder.


ten Choose a house, any house

With three different terrains available, each with their pros and cons, it’s best to think before you act. Since you’ll need a lot of resources and time to build and furnish a house, you might not want to buy and build all three unless you’re trying to do everything you can in one save. .

With different locations that might be closer to the towns you frequent, and a handful of unique attributes for each house, it’s worth weighing your options before deciding which one you want.

9 Lower tiers aren’t ideal

While there are no level locks to get one of the houses, it’s best to make sure you have a few levels under your belt for several reasons. First, before you can even buy the land, you must befriend the jarl of the hold, after which they will have the option of a dialogue to buy your land. This means that you will have to do the necessary quests to become thane.

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Second, because your house is isolated and not near the actual right of way, there are all kinds of random encounters you may encounter. From bandit raids to giant attacks to kidnapping your spouse, you want to make sure you can defend your home.

8 Spend cash or materials, not both

Once you have built the frame of your house, the interior is deserted and completely empty. There are two possible ways to get your decorations inside, and it boils down to what you prefer to collect, as the time it will take is about the same. Collect as much gold as possible to furnish the interior the same way you would any other house, or collect the materials yourself to craft each item.

Some items can be very expensive to collect, such as Enchanting Tables, making it difficult to build everything yourself, but your rooms will only be furnished over time if you pay for them, so choose wisely.

seven Stewards are essential

Not only do you need a steward if you want to furnish your house with money, but there are many other things you need a steward for. They are quite easy to hire and you have many options to choose from. Once you have one, you can finish the exterior of your house that you can’t build with your own supplies, like stables, and buy farm animals to live on your property as well.

The car is almost essential to get from your steward, especially if you don’t like quick trips, because not only do you only have to pay once to hire them, but they’ll take you pretty much anywhere from big bunkers as usual at small settlements. Your steward will also help protect your home if needed, an added bonus during those bandit raids.

6 Choose your add-ons wisely

Your house has several customizable options, ranging from building a simple small room to building a large house with three wings of your choice. If you are already planning to build the bigger house, don’t spend your materials and money to furnish the interior of the first smaller house, because it will be turned into a hallway, which means some furniture will no longer exist.

Your extra wings also cannot be changed once you start building them. There are plenty of options to help you customize your experience, from an armory to a garden room, or alchemy and enchantment towers. Make sure you know what you want before laying the foundation.

5 Don’t forget the kids

Hearthfire isn’t just about building houses, it’s also about starting a family. In the DLC, you can adopt up to two children in-game, whether they’re orphans running around the city streets like Sofie in Windhelm or the orphanage in Riften. If you are planning to adopt and want to move your family into your new home, you will need to make sure you have two beds for your children, as well as a safe.

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Adopting children is definitely recommended as they will brighten up your home and also provide the opportunity for a multitude of pets to be unlocked and adopted into the house.

4 Save your hunting gear

There is always at least once while running in the game that everyone tries to attack nearby animals, peaceful or not. Whether you attempted to take them down with just a sword in hand or took them out stealthily from a distance, you know what they usually have on them. If you plan to build your house with your own materials, you’ll want to save them instead of selling them or turning them into crafting materials.

Inside your house, there are plenty of wall decorations that will hang popular animal heads on the walls, and you will need to collect these items to do so. Even if you plan to buy your decorations, they will be useful in the basement, where you will have to create everything on your own.

3 Don’t forget to loot the bodies

There are many places in your home where you can proudly display trophies of all kinds. From armor racks to display armor you like but can’t wear yourself, to display cases where you can organize whatever you want, you won’t want to overlook some of the loot you can find too easily.

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You’re also going to want to collect as many amulets as possible. With amulets, you can build an altar to this god in your basement, collecting them all so you can easily get their blessing whenever you need or want them.

2 Avoid frivolous spending

Stop buying certain materials and instead save your money for materials you won’t find anywhere but in stores, or to let your steward decorate your house. Everything you need to build the basic structure of your home, from the foundation to the roof, can be found organically, and most are nearby as well. Each house has a quarry where you can mine a seemingly endless amount of stone, and there’s a nearby clay deposit for your needed clay bricks.

Even your sawn logs can be collected instead of purchased. All you have to do is befriend one of the sawmill owners, usually by completing beam quests, and you can talk to them to allow you to use the sawmill. Each animation gives you ten logs, so it doesn’t take too long.

1 Loot the mines

The material you will need the most is undoubtedly iron. You need them to complete your rooms, like you need them to build locks, but you’ll also need them in almost any piece of furniture in the house as nails or hinges. You’re unlikely to have enough iron for all of this already, and not only can it be expensive in stores, it’s hard to find.

Consider the Embershard Mine near Riverwood, which has a decent amount of ore that resets every month, or explore around to see what’s there.

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