4 fascinating facts about the small town of Bloomingburg

It always fascinates me when I discover more historical details about the small towns of the Hudson Valley. Some of the villages around us can be dated to the years 1600-1700.

Going back in time always shows us how far we have come and how the first settlers in our area worked hard to make the Hudson Valley what it really is today.

Bloomingburg is a well-known town in Orange County. When I hear this city, I connect it to one of my favorite ice cream stands, Quickway Twin Cone.

  • During the summer of the 1900s, Bloomingburg was well known for its outdoor activities. Carriages were the main attraction at this time. Events started to happen and even the railways came up with the idea of ​​selling tickets for the events.
  • Bloomingburg was formerly spelled Bloomingburgh and is a village in Sullivan County and also in the town of Mamakating.
  • The D&H Canal, also known as the Delaware and Hudson Canal, was part of the Hudson Valley. It was built in the 1820s and was used to transfer coal from the mountains of Pennsylvania to New York. Located in the town of Mamakating, this canal is preserved as a piece of history
  • There was a small fire that changed the way people would live in Bloomingburg forever. In 1922, a wood stove fire occurred in Greco’s barber shop on Main Street. This fire then spread to other businesses and businesses. It’s hard to believe the fire even spread across the street, which was due to high winds. Many guesthouses could not be repaired and that being said, they were not rebuilt either.

Have you ever been to Bloomingburg? Did you know any of these historical facts? Let us know about the app.

You can read more about the history of the town of Mamakating and Bloomingburg here.

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