42 products we promise are * not * too good to be true

If you are really worried about overheating, this also comes in a cooling version in Tencel.

I have it in the refreshing version (in the color “avocado”) and let’s just say I’ve used it quite a bit lately. The chunky knit style is super chic and the organic cotton is breathable (and there is nothing in it to create the weight * other * than cotton, so no uncomfortable glass beads). I * love * it, and it’s actually extremely cute, looking like a regular old fancy blanket! It’s heavy, but I still take it from bed to sofa and to bed all the time like I wfh. It doesn’t overheat on the sofa (thanks to the fabric and chunky mesh “holes”), but adds a nice weight when watching TV or working. And when it’s layered over my duvet, it keeps me super cozy and warm.

Get it from Bearaby for $ 249 + (available in three weights and seven colors).

Promising results: “I like this diaper a bit too much. I wear it on the stairs all day when moving between the bed and the sofa to craft, read, etc. I like to hold on to something when I sleep (usually the edge of the pillowcase), so the loops are great for tucking in my fingers and toes. Unlike another weighted blanket I own, the tablecloth is sleek so I don’t mind if it’s in the living room and I can wash it, which is huge considering how often it’s used. It’s a bit of a pain to dry (took three cycles in the dryer so next time I’ll hand dry). The weight is very comforting, and I have no problem with overheating, even using it in midsummer in a humid climate. “- Madeline B.

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