5 fun couple entrance ideas for your engagement ceremony

Who says a fancy grand entrance is just for the wedding ceremony? Well, we welcome you to the land of awesome engagement entries. The Engagement or Roka Ceremony is the very first moment of your big nuptials and so having a shot at this event is of utmost importance in creating beautiful everlasting memories. A fun yet impressive entrance with your partner is what you need to think outside the box and take this ceremony to the next level. Here we bring you super amazing entryway ideas to rightfully inspire you. Bookmark your favorites and keep reading if you want a standout couple entry on your engagement.

1. The Sparkling Way

Want to brighten up your entry as a couple? One of the best and easiest ways to brighten up your engagement is to add some sparkles to the sides. If you are having a ceremony outdoors, you can also opt for fireworks when you walk down the aisle and see the magic! To make it more personalized, you can have your friends and family stand in the aisle holding the sparklers.

2. Let yourself be guided by the Dhol-walas

Well, Indian weddings are incomplete without the fun dancing, sho-shaa and band-bajas. You can take advantage of this opportunity and get into the Bollywood style by listening to Punjabi songs. Get the bridesmaids and groomsmen to help you out and ask them to dance with you. You can never go wrong with dhols and nagadas.

3. Entrance in a royal carriage

If you want your entrance to be dreamy and elegant, you can prepare a Cinderella carriage decorated with pastel flowers with beautiful horses. You can also go with so regal outfits and keep the poses regal for a majestic engagement landing and beautiful photos.

Entrance in a royal carriage

4. Decorated Buggy Entrance

When it comes to exciting and fun engagements, buggy rides are always at the top of the list. Whether it’s a car, a rickshaw or a bike, decorate it beautifully and you’re ready to make an outstanding stellar couple entrance. Add white flowers and jump in with your better half and we assure you it’s a sure win.

5. Flower Shower Entrance

It’s yet another pretty way for a dazzling entrance! You can fill the aisle with red roses and have your close friends and family stand in the aisle and ask them to shower you both with rose petals as you approach the venue. It not only looks awesome, but it also helps capture cute photos of you and your better half.

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