5 ways ‘Rustler’ satisfies your medieval ‘Ye Olde GTA’ fantasies on Switch

Rustler, an upcoming title from developer Jutsu Games and publisher Modus may not be set in a bustling city environment filled with glittering cars, guns, and daring heists, but it looks like its medieval world will have more than its fair share of frantic pursuits, shadowed by absurd affairs and events.

Jutsu Games has been in touch and sent a handful of examples of the medieval chaos you can expect in Rustler’s top-to-bottom open world. While you won’t find crushing pedestrians in a requisitioned Jester RR, it seems there’s a lot of medieval mischief to be done, from horse and cart antics to a raucous remix of Greensleeves (probably) while you engage in shenanigans. And did anyone say “turd-based grenades”? Yes. Yes they have.

Here’s a look at five activities we’ll be looking to try when the game launches for Switch in late August …

Disguise yourself as death


First of all, it’s possible to disguise yourself and scare enemies by disguising yourself as guards or – and it seems more appealing to us – grabbing a robe and a scythe (hey, this is the Middle Ages, whoever is no one had their own scythe) and putting the fear of death into it.

I must like a little cosplay.

Pimp your horse

You can escape the chase by swinging around a special stable and getting yourself a custom paint box for your sweet and sweaty ride. Yes, sweaty – have you ever ridden a horse for three straight hours in the Spanish afternoon sun without having previously spent more than a minute in the company of horses? Trust us, digital is better.

Either way, as you can see above, a quick coat of paint and you’ll fool the rozzers or any scoundrels that might have been on your tail – literally here – and be free to keep running, or do whatever you want on horseback.

Let’s not think too much about the logistics of exactly what is going on inside that hangar. It works, end.

Throwing stink bombs


Crossbows, swords, spears? Yes, of course you will have access to these boring weapons when you find yourself in scratches around town or fighting for money in cage matches.

However, if you ever get caught out, you always have the option of throwing a “poop grenade” at your enemies. We don’t know exactly where you get this ammo from, or how much it will hurt (and we don’t know if adding the word “grenade” to this item gives it more explosive properties than it does. otherwise), but no one will want to approach your enemies once you throw a stink bomb at them, that’s for sure. Theoretically, that should make them easier to pick up in your horse and cart, right?

You’re still throwing poo with your hands, of course. But you know, video games.

That name is still Mr. Plow

Plowing the fields is a relatively harmless way to make Rustler dough; a little less deadly than the bounty hunt and a little more sophisticated than the throwing of turd.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t free your inner child and draw provocative scribbles in the dirt with your horse and plow. For example, admire the huge Poké Ball above.

Hire a minstrel


GTA radio stations helped create the kind of relaxed atmosphere that made it look more like a lark than a murderous wave of drug-fueled violence and indiscriminate theft. Rustler has his own version in the form of bards for hire. Yes, you can employ a singer-songwriter to smooth your spree with songs that change in real time based on what you’re doing.

We haven’t heard of it yet, but we can only hope that Brave Sir Robin is on the playlist.

So, there are a handful of ways Rustler puts a medieval slant on GTA’s open world brand of chaos. The game will be released on August 31. Let us know if you are interested in any of the above activities (we won’t judge you).

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