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But it’s more than costumes. The weekend includes activities such as discussions about the film’s production process, a screening of the film, and appearances from the cast and crew. The “Somewhere in Time” packages also include five-course dinners in the Grand’s oversized dining room, with its long row of large windows looking out onto the 660-foot porch – said to be the longest in the world and the longest. Straits of Mackinac beyond.

Also included in the packages are the sumptuous buffet lunch and full breakfasts, as well as discounts on ferry tickets. If you really want to give it your all, the “Somewhere in Time” sequel and the Jane Seymour sequel both feature memorabilia from the film. Of the hotel’s 367 rooms, these are among the most popular.

The Grand Hotel is all tea in the elaborate lounge with its Victorian furniture and soft piano music. At night, a climb to the Cupola Bar at the top of the hotel is the perfect spot for an after dinner drink, the soft tinkle of live jazz and a panoramic view of the lights of the passing boats and the connecting Mackinac Bridge lower Michigan to its upper peninsula.

Just a carriage ride

Much like in the film, Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel, built in 1887, remain what much of America was over a century ago. The tinkling of harnesses and clogs hitting the road are the only traffic noise here, as authorities banned cars in the late 1890s after one was brought in from the mainland and scared the horses . The island is only accessible by ferry (or private plane if you want to be really modern) and the main means of transportation once ashore is by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. For those who stay at the Grand Hotel, their brown carriages pulled by Percherons, a race bigger than the Clydesdales but less tall, wait on the quays, the drivers dressed in the livery of the Grand.

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