A look at Will and Terrie Easley’s renovated home in Greenville

Will and Terrie Easley moved into their Crescent Avenue home in the fall of 2002 with their sons, Liam and Pearce, who were 3 and 1 at the time. Both boys have now graduated to their own spaces, but that’s not the only big change here.

“We moved from a nice house on the Taylors golf course to this uptown repairman,” says Terrie. “I remember my grandmother asking if any of us had lost their jobs when she first came to visit. I assured him that was not the case and that we had in fact paid more for it. She just shook her head.

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Will and Terrie Easley's house

Terrie says it was really the sidewalks that sold him.

“My husband found it and said that was it – and an offer was made that day. Cart before the oxen, but would never trade that day for anything.

First the cosmetic tips, wallpaper removal, total painting, bathroom lighting and fixture upgrades and a few bigger investments including a not fun new HVAC and a brand new terrace because the door to the 2nd floor did not open anywhere.

“It really scared my mum that there was nothing there and she paid for a terrace to be added as soon as possible! Gardening is my true love and we put a garden shed in the back and installed a scalloped fence painted in Charleston Green in the back yard for our 3 dogs at the time.

The den welcomes guests in an open and well-appointed space.  Local art can be seen throughout the house and older rooms have been renovated to provide more storage while retaining the original personality of the house.

Landscaping the private oasis that is the backyard has been a work in progress for 20 years. When the family moved in, there was a blooming daffodil and the back yard was covered in nothing but ivy, and unfortunately four ancient oak trees had to be removed over the years.

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“This daffodil blooms in the same spot every spring and it makes me smile,” Terrie said. “The landscaping floor was brought in, the brick patio installed and a new concrete driveway, gutters, all the non-sexy stuff. And then I went to town on plants learning over the years what will live in the August heat and what WON’T! Most things in the backyard have been transplanted from the gardens of family and friends – I have that love of gardening from my mother and mother-in-law who have total green thumbs! »

After three years of living in their home, a major renovation increased the home from 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms by adding a 2nd floor.  Terrie and her father drew the plans with every square inch used.  The kitchen has been renovated again as part of a covid project.

The end result is a warm, welcoming home filled with perfect spaces and lots of memories, as well as what Terrie says is the best part of living here: “The very, very best part of this house are the neighbors – wonderful, kind and generous. people (and fun!).”

And of course, if all else fails, they still have those sidewalks.

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