A pensioner injured by a horse and cart thrown into a ditch by a truck

A PENSIONER was hospitalized when a lorry forced his horse and cart off the road and into a ditch, with the animal also injured.

Kirsty Taylor was out with her 72-year-old father Barrie and their horse Blue on Tuesday morning near the Rettendon Turnpike on the outskirts of Battlesbridge when a driver passed them at high speed.

Mr Taylor had to be hospitalized, where his leg was found to be badly bruised, and he also suffered a lump on his head,

Ms Taylor suffered damage to her eye socket and the horse was covered in cuts after falling through brambles and tree branches before landing on barbed wire.

Ms Taylor said: ‘About 30 to 40 yards from the roundabout a lorry came flying behind us speeding and speeding.

“He overtook us, leaving us less than a meter, before coming back just in front of us.

“It freaked my house out and up the curb and aimed straight for a massive fall.

“We had no chance then, the weight of the car pushed us up a steep 18ft hill through brambles and sharp trees.

“I fell off the cart and my father was thrown when my horse crashed into the barbed wire of a fence below, leaving Blue trapped.”

Barrie and Blue are now at home resting after the incident.

At the end of January, changes were made to the rules of the road, which mean that drivers are now asked to pass horses two meters or more away to protect vulnerable road users.

Ms Taylor said: ‘I am petrified now. It’s something we’ve done together for 30 years, and we even just got some justice with the new law, and yet it just happened.

“The truck didn’t even leave us more than half a meter before cutting right in front of Blue.

“It’s even worse that not only did the driver do what he did, but he didn’t even stop, he didn’t even check to see if everything was okay.

“I just hope a witness comes forward.”

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