All-time terrible ex-NFL head coach places a high value on Kellen Mond

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson spent some time earlier this year working with new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kellen Mond.

It’s difficult to determine what quarterback Kellen Mond’s expectations should be during his career with the Minnesota Vikings since his tenure with the team began less than a month ago.

As a third-round pick, the Vikings won’t be asking Mond to take over as a starter next season, and maybe not for the 2022 campaign, either. He should have plenty of time to hone his game and improve. his skills during his early years in Minnesota.

Despite falling in the third round of the 2021 Draft, Mond is still highly regarded by several NFL talent assessors. Among those who believe the Vikings’ new quarterback has what it takes to be successful is the former Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson and his career .205 winning percentage.

Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback referred to as 2021 NFL Draft ‘sleeper’

Since leading the Browns to three wins in two and a half seasons, Jackson has not been on the sidelines of the NFL as a coach since 2018.

During his time away from the league, he spent some of his time working with some of college’s top young prospects, including Mond. Jackson spent time watching the current Minnesota quarterback exercise at the House of Athlete Scouting Combine in March.

Former Cleveland Head Coach was impressed with what he saw from Mond.

“I think he’s the draft sleeper, and I’m not just saying that, I really feel it.

There is not a throw that he cannot make. He has a very talented arm, he’s super smart. He has balance. He played in the SEC. He played for Jimbo Fisher, who I think did a great job with quarterbacks. He has knowledge of the game and I think he will play really well in the National Football League.

Although Jackson was a massive failure as an NFL head coach, he was able to experience some success as an offensive assistant during his time in the league. His opinion should therefore not be totally dismissed, but neither should it be regarded as a gospel.

What we can say about Jackson is that he spent almost two decades as a coach in the NFLSo he should have a good idea of ​​the characteristics needed for a draft prospect to succeed in the league.

With Mond, it seems clear that Jackson believes the Vikings rookie will be one of the best quarterbacks to come out of this year’s draft class.

At the same time, Jackson is also the same guy who was in no rush to start Baker Mayfield as a rookie after the Browns selected him with the No.1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. An injury allowed. in Mayfield to finally find his way into the starting lineup from Cleveland in 2018 and that saw the franchise finish with its highest winning tally since 2014.

Jackson was only there for two of those wins, as the Browns felt it was best to leave him after their first eight games of the season. So at the very least, let’s just take what Jackson said about Mond with a grain of salt.

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