Amish buggy collides with vehicle in upstate New York, injuring four

There are just things you come across on the roads that you don’t always expect. Sadly, four children were injured after an Amish buggy collided with a pickup truck after the cart did not stop at the stop sign on Route 80. WROC reports that the crash took place. produced in the town of Farmersville, Cattaraugus County.

On Tuesday, two of the children are listed in critical condition.

While it’s not every day that you come face to face with a horse-drawn carriage on a main road, accidents like this happen more than you might think. In June, an Amish woman was killed after a truck crashed into a buggy Sunday on Route 41 in Richland, NY. Police said a van struck the rear of the buggy, which was heading south. A soldier said the narrow section of the road and the shadows cast on the sidewalk by a layer of trees may have made it difficult for the motorist to see the buggy before it was too late. New York State Police also said another vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction so the driver of the van was unable to use the other lane.

In February, a 23-year-old Antwerp resident was killed after a vehicle hit the buggy he was in. The deceased man belonged to one of the largest and most conservative subgroups of Old Order Amish in the country, according to reports. There are many Amish settlements scattered across New York City, Pennsylvania, and parts of the Midwest. According to figures compiled by the Amish Study, New York has more than 21,000 Amish living in the state as of 2020. New York ranks fourth in the country for Amish citizens.

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