bicentennial day of the canton of Leroy brings together the inhabitants to celebrate the history of the city | Lake County

Lots of food, laughter and games were the hallmarks of the Leroy Township Bicentennial Festival, as current and former residents gathered to celebrate their town’s 201-year history on June 19.

The day started with a parade featuring vintage cars, horse drawn carriages and performances by local twirling groups.

The festival had to be delayed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but according to Brandy Hanusosky, director of Leroy’s recreation council, it turned out as she hoped after more than a year of planning.

Hanusosky said everyone was on the bridge for the big celebration, and many members of the community stepped in to help make the event a success, despite the setback.

Residents of the township of Leroy gathered for a parade to kick off the bicentennial celebration on June 19.

“We invited many community groups to come together, not just the recreation council,” she said. “And that was the most people attending a community event. Usually my recreation board consists of three or four people to organize events to happen – but we had a committee of over 24 people.”

She said she was happy to see a great turnout at the celebration and that she hoped everyone who came had a good time, as there was certainly no shortage of things to do.

“They do baseball games with alumni, we have a chainsaw sculptor who is a local lady who lives locally, there is a petting zoo and pony rides, relay races and old-fashioned stuff, ”Hanusosky added.

Many local vendors brought their wares to sell, including locally sourced honey, chocolates, and homemade decorations and sculptures.

Leroy sellers

Festival attendees could browse products from many local vendors and learn about the Leroy Township’s past by viewing clothing and historical demonstrations.

Festival-goers also enjoyed a selection of food trucks serving traditional, fair-trade fare like pizza and lemonade, live music, and the opportunity to learn about their city’s founding in 1820.

Township administrators held a groundbreaking ceremony to officially recognize the 200th anniversary of the Township of Leroy – complete with a memorial cake – and were joined by Lake County Commissioner John Plecnik, who issued a council resolution commissioners.

In reading the resolution, Plecnik was pointing out the rich history of Leroy Township, which was originally named by a group of pioneers who came to Ohio from Leroy, New York.

Leroy Township was also home to the Blair Road Bridge until the 1950s, which was the last covered bridge in Lake County.

“[Leroy] is also rumored to have been one of the stops on Jonathan Chapman’s journey through the United States, “said Plecnik,” Mr. Chapman was better known – and I like it because my name is John Plecnik – as Johnny Appleseed, the eccentric nurseryman who traveled on foot to spread apple seeds. “

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