Carriage driver threatens to beat vegan activist to death with her own camera

Famous vegan protester Tash Peterson had an awkward confrontation with a horse and cart driver during which he threatened to beat her to death with his camera. Watch below:

After moving from her native Western Australia to Melbourne earlier this month, the 28-year-old wasted no time pursuing her activism.

She filmed the horse and cart driver and he didn’t like the incident too much.

“I hope you’re not filming my child?” he told Tash. “If you do, I’ll beat you to death with your camera.”

Despite the chilling threat, Tash continued to film and said she wanted to document “animal slavery and exploitation”.

She shouted at the cart driver, “How can you defend this? Can’t you see how sad and depressed they are? These animals should be free.

The man threatened to beat Tash to death with his camera. Credit: Facebook/Tash Peterson

“Animal abusers, absolute losers! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

She added on Facebook: “No matter how ‘loved’ and ‘cared for’ a non-human animal is, using it as a vehicle and commodity is immoral.

“They are neither slaves nor machines and do not consent to be exploited as a vehicle for human pleasure. Stop supporting animal slavery by living vegan.”

Horse-drawn carriages have been banned in Melbourne’s CBD after extensive public campaigning.

Tourist attractions have been part of the capital’s streets for decades, but there has been a growing chorus of people who want them removed.

There have been a few horrific cases of horses collapsing and carriage drivers allegedly abusing the animals to get up and keep walking.

Credit: Facebook/Tash Peterson
Credit: Facebook/Tash Peterson

As a result, Daniel Andrews’ government has changed traffic laws to ensure these attractions cannot operate, according to the Herald Sun.

Tash Peterson has promised to give full force to her public activism now that she is settled in Melbourne.

She has targeted supermarkets, fast food outlets, football matches, high end fashion chains in the past and no doubt she will do the same in Victoria.

“I’m definitely going to a steakhouse and a few supermarkets,” she told the Herald Sun.

“I will take my activism to the next level over time and am willing to break the law if it brings more attention to my message, so there might be a bit of law breaking in the future.”

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