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National Totem Pole Travel Stops in Port Townsend

PORT TOWNSEND – A diving eagle, a wolf, a healing grandmother, the blue waters of a river, a child emerging from a cage: these are the symbols on the newly carved totem pole that will appear here between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday . The 24-foot, 8-inch cedar …

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Curb the tax on electric cars, Vic urged | Time

Automakers and environmental groups have teamed up with the Victorian government’s proposed electric vehicle tax in an attempt to stop what they call regressive plan. An alliance of 25 businesses and organizations has signed a letter to parliament in Victoria urging MPs to vote against the plan, which the state …

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Weddings and events in a sheepfold – not a baaaad idea

AGRICULTURAL FAMILY TURNS A FORMER SHEEP SHELTER INTO AN AMAZING CONTEMPORARY VENUE Cairns Farm Estate near Edinburgh will now host weddings and events alongside its daily life as a working sheep farm Following a £ 1.9million investment and 24 month construction project, a former sheep shed on a family farm …

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