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Trudeau says Pope Francis should apologize on Canadian soil

Following this discovery of the remains of British Columbia, François expressed his pain and urged religious and political authorities to shed light on this sad affair. But he stopped before offering a formal apology. Don Bolen, Archbishop of Regina, Saskatchewan, posted a letter to the Cowessess First Nation on the …

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Winner’s Circle: A Long Goodbye

Clever Allemont spent much of his later years lying in the thick Kentucky bluegrass, basking in the sun. Horses spend most of their time standing, even sleeping, so passers-by would often stop at the office to warn Old Friends founder Michael Blowen: “You have a dead horse in this pasture. …

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BLM is looking for off-course pastures for wild horses

Back to news BLM is looking for off-course pastures for wild horses Photo credit: Shutterstock Discussions about wild and feral horses are still very controversial across the West. Through the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) adoption incentive program, BLM searches for off-range pastures for excess wild horses to live in …

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