Horse-drawn carriages

11 of the best places to visit in Michigan

Michigan’s mojo comes from its beaches, forests, and small towns. Visitors are often surprised to learn that four of the five Great Lakes encompass the state and more than half of the place is forested. What should a visitor do in the midst of all this natural generosity? We have …

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Big hitch, big change | Editorials

Ketchum’s Wagon Days celebration is a glimpse into late 19th-century life in a small mining town in the mountains of Idaho. It’s also a reminder that change can happen. The Big Hitch, pulled by teams of mules and horses and driven by skilled men through rocky roads over mountain passes, …

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An aerial pilgrimage to see art in the Alps

Visitors wishing to see the inaugural installation of the Béatrice Trussardi Foundation have two options: hiking or horse-drawn carriage. The foundation has just opened not in a shiny building designed by a starch maker, but in a 17th century mountain hut in the Swiss Alps. This mostly car-free valley, Val …

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