Horse-drawn carriages

The updated Dark Side of Sand Hill walking tour recognized the role politicians played in the creation of residential schools, the Indian Act

The Dark Side of Sand Hill The walking tour is back just in time for Halloween and, after a first tour last year, has been updated to highlight the Ottawa neighborhood’s connections to the residential school tragedy. Through her work with local community association Action Sandy Hill, tour designer Hilary …

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Timeline of innovation in Durham (part 5)

By Glenn Hendry Posted on October 26, 2021 at 9:50 a.m. Ever since Robert McLaughlin began making horse-drawn carriages in his rural Tyrone home, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business savvy people have pioneered and extended the technological rules of their time to put Durham region on the map. This report, the …

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Creating an VE for the Social Media Age

Whenever there is a significant technological change, the first iterations often try to emulate what came before. The first carriages looked a lot like horse-drawn carriages and were called horse-less carriages. Over a considerable number of decades they have evolved to a point where they are now optimized for who …

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