Chippewa Valley Theater Guild Hosts 11th Annual Fairy Tale Ball

CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – An Enchanted Night Full of Disney Characters aims to raise money for children’s art programs in the Chippewa Valley.

The Chippewa Valley Theater Guild held its 11th annual Fairytale Ball on Friday night at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire.

The magical night was full of Disney characters interacting with the children.

There were plenty of opportunities to take photos, go to the makeup table, and even sign up for a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Paige Vasel who played Belle and the Beasts Belle says she loves participating in this event and seeing all the kids having fun.

“I moved briefly so I haven’t worked with the Chippewa Valley Theater Guild in a few years, but I’m so excited to be back here in Eau Claire and working with them again,” Vasel said. .

She also says that the money from the Fairytale Ball goes to support the Chippewa Valley Theater Guild’s children’s art programs.

“It’s a fantastic way for the community to come together, to put together shows that are important to people and have a lot of meaning,” Vasel said. “And of course, sometimes it’s hard to get that money. So a fundraiser like this is something fun that brings a community together and also raises those funds for us so that we can continue our mission.

To learn more about the Chippewa Valley Theater Guild, click here.

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