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WHEN grain farmer Duncan Young, Beverley, was looking for a trailer to solve his on-farm seed and fertilizer replenishment issues, he decided to turn to Duraquip.

Last week, Mr Young showed Farm Weekly the well-finished 40ft white Tornado Gen II trailer parked in his hangar, which he said would reduce the number of trucks required in the paddock from two to one.

He opened the rear door to reveal a 2,000-liter diesel tank, an electric pump, and a back-up battery inside.

At the front was another door that concealed the hydraulic hose reel, with an auto-shut off nozzle to refuel the tractor at the same time as loading the air cart.

The tank and hose reel areas both have a ground dam in case any diesel is spilled.

There is also a 200L clean water tank at the front of the trailer with a tap for washing.

Mr Young said he was “spellbound by the new trailer”.

“The build is sensational, the product unloads quickly, the LED lighting all around for night filling, very safe, the center of gravity low and not oversized like most 5in1 bins,” he said.

“It is 12.2 meters long and has three bin compartments.

“It was custom built for our new pneumatic planter box, with exactly two fillings and some leftover product (layout is MOP / seed / MAP).”

Besides the build quality, the main plus was the safety features, being hydraulically driven (via the hydraulic pump of the drive motor) there are no belts or chains.

The operator was able to control the augers with a remote control at the top of the air cart.

Mr. Young said that “the Tornado trailer will also be used at harvest time to transport grain to the grain elevators.”

The Tornado trailer was designed to be used to haul crop grain to CBH and unload it quickly, but he said he would continue to use the same grain contractor to haul his crop to Perth.

Mr. Young approached Duraquip in early October last year about building a custom Tornado trailer.

Rod Richardson of Duraquip was happy to begin construction which was completed in early April.

“Rod and his team have been a pleasure dealing with them and the end product is second to none,” he said.

“I am very excited – I hope this should do me good for a long time.

Mr. Young said it’s the little things like “the attention to detail” that he liked most about the trailer.

The custom design made this seeding more efficient and productive – especially with Mr. Young and only one full-time staff member working on the farm.

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