Dame Joanna Lumley faces backlash from angry farmers after warning of ‘animal cruelty’

Lumley, a vegetarian for over 40 years, said the meat and dairy industries as “the greatest source of animal cruelty on the planet”.

Dame Joanna Lumley has been pushed back by angry farmers for speaking the truth about animal farming.

The acclaimed actress gave a talk to a packed theater at the Oxford Literary Festival event, in which she called the meat and dairy industries ‘the biggest source of cruelty to animals on the planet. planet”.

The 75-year-old was giving a talk on “The True Meaning of Compassion” on behalf of the charity Compassion in World Farming, of which she is a patron.

Lumley said the organization urges people to “eat less newspaper, eat less meat, it’s bad for you, it’s bad for animals and it’s bad for the planet.”


However, his views on the ranching industry were met with opposition from farmers at the event. A female audience member stood up to counter Lumley’s speech.

“May I just speak on behalf of a farming family in Warwickshire who farm so well. This is my experience of over 70 years in agriculture,” the woman said.

“Everyone I know is cultivating with compassion. Please don’t label farmers as bad people because they are not. Without farms, it’s a very, very sad world.

The Absolutely Fabulous star responded by saying she didn’t mean to “insult good farmers” and that her comments were particularly about factory farming.

She also highlighted the scale of the industry’s impact on animals.

“You can’t even imagine it – 80 billion of them are slaughtered every year,” the actor said.

Is Dame Joanna Lumley vegan?

Lumley has been a vegetarian since 1970.

In an interview with PETA, she revealed, “I was eating a steak, and I looked down and for the first time, it suddenly looked like flesh, like a dead creature. In a flash, I realized that every time I ate any type of meat something was killed for me, and I stopped eating all animals, not just cows and pigs, but also chickens and fish I feel so much happier not being part of the blood chain.

Last year, in an interview with The Times, she said: “I don’t like the idea that a creature has to lose its life to keep me alive.”

“Start small and work your way up,” she suggested.

“In no time, you’ll be eating food so delicious you won’t run out of meat. I’m obviously 112 and a grandmother, but I’m as fit as a chip.

The actress also supported this year’s Veganuary challenge to go vegan for 31 days in January.

“Veganuary’s mission is to make the world a kinder, safer and happier place for everyone, which makes their January campaign totally irresistible,” she said in a statement.

“I am in awe of everyone who participates for the climate, our rivers and oceans, our forests and wild places, our animals and our people. You are all angels.

Along with promoting meat-free campaigns, Lumley is also a passionate animal rights activist and has often used her platform to advocate for animals.

She spoke out against horse-drawn carriages in New York and the transport of animals from Britain to the continent.

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