Dispute erupts over battery-electric vehicles on Istanbul islands


Local authorities in Istanbul have banned battery-electric vehicles on the Princes’ Islands, a group of nine islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara, in an effort to reduce the growing number of accidents involving vehicles and unauthorized parking in places reserved for pedestrians.

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The ban will go into effect from October 5, with exceptions for permanent residents under the age of 66.

Vehicles, mainly motorcycles and e-bikes, are essential for islanders and visitors where roads are not suitable for larger vehicles, especially for those traveling to the heights.

The municipality a few years ago banned horse carriages, which were mainly used by tourists, and introduced electric cars to the islands.

However, residents of the Princes’ Islands are divided over the decision, as some support the decision, while others strongly oppose it.

“They should absolutely ban them,” said Faika Ayça, a resident of Büyükada, saying the place has been “turned into a highway”.

On the other hand, Özkan Atak, a driver of battery-powered vehicles, said that no one has the right to take away his right to drive them.

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“If they seize the vehicles on October 5, it will be chaos,” he noted.

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