Fakenham owner profiled in this week’s Q&A

In our first Q&A with a Fakenham resident, we spoke to Alie Hannam, 52, from Fakenham. Alie has been The Crown’s landlady for four and a half years.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

The Crown helped provide meals to the local community during all lockdowns.

How long have you lived in Fakenham?

I moved here with my parents in the early 80s, moved to Mallorca for ten years and returned to Fakenham in 1997.

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What would you do if you were the mayor of Fakenham for a day?

I would provide more funding to community groups for youth in Fakenham.

The Crown is installed on the Place du Marché. Photo: DENISE BRADLEY
– Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

What is your favorite landmark (in North Norfolk)?

The Crown of course. I love to sit in the yard and study the building that has been there for hundreds of years and try to imagine what it would have been like when people came in horse-drawn carriages.

What’s your favorite pub (in North Norfolk)?

Mine, we have amazing regulars who have supported us over the years. We are truly a community pub.

What stores do you rely on (in North Norfolk)?

Benbows provides us with top quality fresh vegetables, salad and fruit. Papworth’s Butchers provide us with top quality steaks, Willie Weston comes to Fakenham every Thursday and Saturday with fresh fish. Why would we want to shop elsewhere?

The new head of The Crown in Fakenham, Seb Harris, in front, with, from left, owner Alie Hannam;  penny

The new head of The Crown in Fakenham, Seb Harris, in front, with, from left, owner Alie Hannam; Deputy Chief, Kirsty Palmer; and the junior sous chef, Kaiya Kurucu. Photo: DENISE BRADLEY
– Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Where is your favorite place to go to eat (in North Norfolk)?

I love Taste of Thai and The Tandoori. Le Thai is a fabulous restaurant and Diego at Tandoori serves the best curries in the area.

What’s the perfect day for you in North Norfolk?

At the moment “no rain” and spending time with my family.

What places (in North Norfolk) would you recommend to visitors?

  • Fakenham
  • well
  • Thursdayford
  • Burnham Overy Staithe

The Crown at Fakenham.

The Crown at Fakenham.
– Credit: Ian Burt

Who is your hero from North Norfolk?

Abbie & Stuart Moyse, local business people and they always offer to help people in the community.

Unable to deliver meals to retirees in the snow, Abbie offers to drive. Someone’s got no heat, Abbie will be there to fix it.

This couple never stops. They are definitely heroes.

What do you love most about North Norfolk?

I love Fakenham, he has the most amazing people, always ready to help.

Someone moving into their first home and in need of help, by the end of the week the people of Fakenham would have provided it for them. We have people in our town who help others on a daily basis, but who never advertise. We have so many unsung heroes in Fakenham.

I’m very lucky to call Fakenham home.

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