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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A Hartford man, a former AUA basketball coach, faces sexual assault and drug charges.

Danny Lawhorn, 30, was arrested on state charges on October 5. He now faces federal charges.

It is alleged that Lawhorn, who was the coach of a basketball program registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) from 2018-2020, sexually assaulted a minor involved in the program in the spring of 2021.

A press release said the victim’s family paid Lawhorn $ 700 and signed a contract to play in the program, which they said was still part of the AAU.

Lawhorn and his girlfriend acted as foster family for the minor and allowed him to live with them in Hartford. Other girls in the program also sometimes stayed at home.

“The complaint alleges that in the early hours of the morning of June 13, 2021, Lawhorn used his cell phone to send a voice message to the minor asking her to give her a massage. When the miner went to Lawhorn’s room, he asked her to massage her groin and inner thighs with his hands and ultimately sexually assaulted her. Lawhorn was arrested later that morning on second degree sexual assault charges. Before his arrest, the police found quantities of crack distribution in his pocket, ”the statement said.

The complaint also alleged that two other girls said Lawhorn repeatedly sexually assaulted them while playing on his AAU team in 2017 and 2019. The two girls, who were under 18 at the time, reported that Lawhorn first requested a massage before being sexually assaulted. them.

On October 5, Hartford police arrested Lawhorn on three counts of second degree sexual assault for assaulting one of the girls.

When he was arrested, officials said Lawhorn had around 300 waxed paper sleeves containing a white powdered substance that tested positive for fentanyl.

“Federal complaint accuses Lawhorn of inciting and attempting to induce a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity, punishable by a mandatory minimum jail term of 10 years and a maximum jail term life imprisonment, and possession with intent to distribute basic cocaine (“crack”) and fentanyl, punishable by up to 20 years in jail, “the statement said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hartford Police are investigating.

They are also asking the public for help in identifying other victims and possible witnesses to the alleged sexual incitement.

Anyone with information relating to the ongoing Lawhorn investigation can call the FBI information line (203) 503-5593 or click here.

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