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GERMANTOWN, MD – This house is the most expensive in the Germantown market, according to Redfin. The owners are asking for $ 12 million and it’s been on the market for 121 days.

It spans over 10 acres and features extravagant details including bronze lions, marble floors, and a crystal chandelier. There is a swimming pool, a pool house, a transport house, a billiard room in addition. If you are looking for a luxury home and are on a huge budget, this home is waiting for you.

See more photos below, or all the photos on Redfin.

  • Address: 13301 Manor Stone Dr, Germantown, MD
  • Price: $ 12,000,000
  • Square feet: 8530
  • Bedrooms: 7
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Description of the inscription: Approaching large wrought iron gates guarded by bronze lions, one is immediately taken by incomparable beauty. A collaboration between builder Patrick Cullinane and legendary architect Wilfrid Worland, Villa dei Leoni is the result of countless hours of work, the best materials and millions of dollars invested by current owners to create a vision that completely changes the perception of what a house can be. Going up the gradually sloping driveway, the tree line finally gives way to a large automobile yard anchored by a central Italian-style fountain giving off a peaceful atmosphere and presenting the estate correctly. Crossing the large front portico framed by Parthenon columns through the arched wrought iron main entrance, masterful craftsmanship welcomes you in the great hall. The hatched marble floor shines under the crystal chandelier above the head, and the multi-piece plaster moldings are an exact replica of those found in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. To the right, through three elegant arches, is the formal dining room, a space of generous proportions whose focal point is an elegant marble fireplace topped with crystal sconces to match the chandelier and smoked mirror. The formal French silk-lined living room is directly in front of the grand hall, with a curved window wall overlooking the rear lawn. A wood-paneled library is a showcase of masterful carpentry and recalls the first-class smoking rooms aboard sumptuous liners in the golden age of travel. Perhaps the best example of yesteryear craftsmanship mixed with modern conveniences can be found in the chef’s kitchen, where bespoke, furniture-grade inlaid cabinetry and quartz countertops house Wolf, Miele, and Thermador appliances. Herringbone oak floors and a cloakroom complete with an additional full-size Sub-Zero fridge / freezer complete the main level. Upstairs, the owner’s retreat features an intimate living room, a warm marbled cherry oak fireplace and lush rear lawn views via the wall of windows or a private balcony perfect for morning cappuccinos . The owner’s marble-lined tub empties into a spectacular custom walk-in closet with built-in elements and a center island all its own. The lower level is a central place for entertaining, with its restaurant-sized bar, lounge area with a marble fireplace, and a dedicated billiard room. The rear exterior is where the magic can really be found, housing a covered loggia, natural marble pavers and a Lewis Aquatech designed swimming pool with fountains and automatic cover. The pool and separate sheds provide additional accommodation. The highlight of the show is a custom 200,000 gallon freshwater pond serviced by industrial-grade filtration and computer-controlled well systems that span the entire ten-acre property. Two additional custom ponds – one 12,000 gallon and the other 5,000 gallon – set a tranquil backdrop to the sprawling lawn. Not a dime has been spared to create what must be one of the most sophisticated residences in existence – everything has been built to the highest standards, like the 58-zone wireless irrigation system and network million dollar fountains. The 50-year-old slate roof, septic tank, propane tanks, seven-zone geothermal HVAC system, and custom Lepage windows are all among the millions of dollars spent to bring the property up to its current world-class standards. A commercial-grade Crestron audio / visual system enables a true smart home, controlling cameras, HVAC, irrigation, Lutron lighting, surround sound and televisions throughout the home. The current owners have gone out of their way to make this property one of a kind, ensuring that every inch of its ten acre expanse is finished to absolute perfection. The Villa dei Leoni, like any collector’s piece of timepiece or work of art, is limited in quantity and irreplaceable by nature.
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Creating an VE for the Social Media Age Tue, 19 Oct 2021 23:08:36 +0000

Whenever there is a significant technological change, the first iterations often try to emulate what came before. The first carriages looked a lot like horse-drawn carriages and were called horse-less carriages. Over a considerable number of decades they have evolved to a point where they are now optimized for who they are, not what their horse-drawn predecessors were.

With the current wave of electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla looked pretty much like internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, although they didn’t need space up front for engines. Later cars, like the Jaguar I-PACE, had a more advanced cabin design, made possible by the very different needs of an electric car.

The Indi EV takes what can be seen as the next logical step in taking what has been learned from Tesla and making a vehicle much more focused on what we do today than what we did in the last century. We’ve learned that Tesla drivers like to engage on YouTube using Tesla cameras to record what they’ve seen. Tesla cars do better than any other car right now, but they weren’t designed with that in mind, leaving the door open for a new automaker, Indi, to create a more social media-focused car, l ‘Indi One.

Basic specs

The car has an even more aggressive front cabin design than the I-PACE, has decent but not overwhelming specs like three hundred miles of range, 100 kilowatt load support, level autonomous driving 2+, a 0-60 moderate 5.5-second stroke, two engines, and a price that starts at a reasonable $ 45,000. Fully loaded, the car is closer to a still reasonable amount of $ 60,000.

However, those specs are the way we looked at ICE cars, much like when we lost the horsepower. Now that we are moving to electric cars, we have a lot more ways to engage and have fun, and other cars need to evolve. The Indi One indicates a possible route.

The car of this century

Up front of the car, where other electrical devices often have a frunk, the Indi EV has a full Windows workstation that can be upgraded and replaced as technology advances. This workstation offers several unique in-car features, such as the ability to select and operate multiple surround and internal cameras during conference calls and record events that can be shared on a variety of social media platforms.

Suppose you need to join a Zoom, Teams, or WebEx meeting. You can use this built-in PC and then use one of the cabin cameras to capture you or your passengers during the call. Suddenly your car is a Zoom room and you can select different cameras if during the meeting you want to show off what you see or share what a pet or child is doing to create that annoying background noise.

Like many cars today, the car has a permanent connection, but in this case it is 5G that provides the necessary bandwidth and extensive connectivity to make these connected use cases possible. In addition, the car is equipped with two large 15-inch on-board screens. One displays the car’s functions to the driver while the other can be the passenger video conferencing screen or the entertainment (games / videos) screen. I expect this feature to be more useful once the Indi EV has Level 3+ autonomous driving capability in a few years, and the driver will then be able to take advantage of some of those capabilities as well.

To keep passengers occupied in the front and back seats, the car will support AAA games and virtual reality (motion sickness can be a problem), turning the car into a mobile gaming center. Current PC performance is based on an Intel Core I7 and NVIDIA GTX 2030 GPU, but it will likely be upgraded at launch. And the modular configuration of the associated computer only allows for regular upgrades, which will be critical to the success of this feature, as an outdated PC would otherwise prematurely obsolete these capabilities.


The Indi One is one of many EV hubs that the auto industry is likely to take in the future to address the different capabilities of an electric vehicle and the opportunities to create something more in line with needs and interests. today, in this case, social networks. The car is expected to arrive in the 2023 timeframe, has an affordable target price and is somewhat confrontational, having entertainment capabilities but lacking the self-driving features that would make many of those capabilities appealing to a solo driver.

The Indi One is an exciting effort primarily because it better responds to the likely future priorities of an increasingly connected world. We should probably call it the birth of the social network car. It will be fascinating to see if this concept survives and what it will eventually become.

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Carton House Review, Maynooth, Ireland Tue, 19 Oct 2021 10:49:53 +0000

The area

The estate’s two championship golf courses, one designed by Colin Montgomerie and the other by Mark O’Meara, are a bane or a boon to the park depending on your feelings for the sport, but are a major draw for tourists. golf enthusiasts. There are two walking and jogging trails that wind around the grounds and along the banks of the River Rye with its picturesque boathouse and lake built in honor of a visit from Queen Victoria in 1849. You can also hire a boat and a ghillie to fish for trout. Maynooth, the nearby historic university town, is a short walk from the hotel along linden-lined Carton Avenue and Castletown House, another Palladian rocky once inhabited by Lady Emily’s sister, is nearby. Dublin city center is also an easy trip. Be sure to cycle through a section of the recently opened Royal Canal Greenway, which runs alongside the estate, a 120 km car-free hiking and biking trail along this historic waterway between Dublin and County Longford.

The service

It’s a fairly young team with a few elders dotted around among them, but all the staff have a genuine and cheerful charm. Several went out of their way to help, but you never feel openly agitated and there is a welcoming and slightly stuffy vibe.

For families

There are special bathing times for families, you can rent bicycles and there is a dedicated children’s menu.


There are separate trash cans in the bedrooms, card lights in the bedrooms, glass bottles for water in the house, and plastic bottles are replaced with refillable bottles. The estate also has its own beehives as well as a dedicated Phenology Garden with links to Ireland’s National Phenology Network for collecting data on climate change.


Accessible rooms are in the garden wing and all restaurants are accessible.

The courtyard bar terrace at Carton House, Maynooth, IrelandPhotograph by Barry Murphy

Nothing to report?

Request a picnic to be organized in the shade of the Tyrconnell Tower with its breathtaking views of the estate, fields and forests, then take a hike or bike ride. Book a tour of the house and park, where you will get a glimpse of the Chinoiserie Room where Queen Victoria once slept and see Shell Cottage, an enchanting place hidden in the park, with a Lady Emily decorated bedroom adorned with thousands of ‘exotic shells. More recently, it was also home to singer Marianne Faithful and witnessed legendary rock n roll parties – if only the walls could speak.

Address of the hotel: Carton House, Carton Demesne, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland
Phone number: +353 1 505 2000
Price from: Prices from around £ 250 per night, room only

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The Lapchick family felt a backlash due to the Knicks coach’s perspective Tue, 19 Oct 2021 06:53:33 +0000

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Richard E. Lapchick shares some of the backlash his family felt towards his father, former Knicks coach Joe Lapchick, for signing the first black player to an NBA contract in 1950. The experience l ‘led to his work today; Richard heads the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida.)

In 1947, my father and the owner of the legendary all-black New York Rens basketball team made a presentation to the owners of the BAA, which would become the NBA, to join the league by admitting the Rens into as a team.

The Bobby Douglas Rens had a rich rivalry with the Celtics in the 1920s and 1930s. For my father, Joe Lapchick – the coach of the New York Knicks in 1947 and whom I think was anti-racist a century ago – that made perfect sense.

There were those in the league – and more than a few fans – who disagreed.

When my dad was the star of the Original Celtics in the 1920s, there were no built-in teams. No white team played against black teams, but the Celtics wanted to change that and developed a rivalry with the Rens which was one of the biggest in the history of the game.

No white team could beat the Celtics and no black team could beat the Rens. They have faced each other tied for over a decade and both have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 1947, my father thought because of his position as coach of the Knicks that the Rens would be admitted. But Knicks founder and president Ned Irish came out and told my dad and Bobby that the vote was against the Ren’s admission. My dad told Bobby he was considering quitting because he didn’t want to coach a league team that didn’t allow everyone to play. But the owner of Rens berated him, saying “you can’t quit because one day you might have the opportunity to make changes.”

Three years later, in 1950, my father signed Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, the first black player to sign a contract with an NBA team. In the draft a week later, Chuck Cooper became the first black player drafted shortly before Earl Lloyd, who by the fate of the calendar became the first black player to play in the NBA.

Not everyone was happy with the historic moment.

My first memory of the backlash as a child was looking out of my bedroom window in Yonkers, New York, where I grew up. I was five years old. I saw the image of my father swinging from a tree with people under the tree picketing.

For several years, I took the extension phone into the house. My dad didn’t know I was listening to angry people yelling racial epithets at my dad. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew a lot of people didn’t like this man who was my best friend. I also learned that there was something terribly wrong with this world I was raised in.

My dad learned about racism in America during Celtics-Rens matches. He saw it up close when he saw the Rens board the luxury bus their owner bought them because Bobby knew hotels in most cities wouldn’t accommodate his black players. My father watched the Rens bring food on the bus while the Celtics could eat wherever they wanted.

On three occasions, he saw, in horror, the Rens enter a gas station on their way to the next venue where they would play against the Celtics. The Celtics car was in the back of the bus and he saw the gas station owner come out with a gun because he wasn’t about to pour gasoline from his white pumps to this group of black players.

There were race riots in three games when angry fans stormed the courts because they didn’t want to see white and black players go head to head.

Because of the violence, nothing but the net had a different meaning back then. It didn’t refer to the sound of the ball going through the basket.

The owners of some arenas built nets around the pitch when violence was threatened so angry fans couldn’t reach the players. Players sometimes packed knives in their socks for protection.

My family’s experience is a small part of the story that has led to the possibility that the NBA will be run on the court by almost 80% black players, many of whom are led by the 15 head coaches of color.

As the league celebrates its 75th anniversary, my father’s efforts continue to be a prelude to all the sports and social justice metrics and records set by the NBA along the way.

Let us never forget that it was not an easy path to reach this great moment.


Richard E. Lapchick is the President of the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program at the University of Central Florida. Lapchick also heads the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at UCF, is the author of 17 books and the annual report on race and gender, and is the president of the Institute for Sport. and social justice. Follow him on Twitter @richardlapchick and on Facebook.


Learn more about NBA At 75:


More AP NBA: and

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The municipal assembly approves the new public security building Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:44:33 +0000
Members of the Public Safety Facilities Committee from left to right: Bob Weatherall, Jamie Fay, Police Chief Paul Nikas, Fire Chief Paul Parisi, Rob Donahue (standing), Charlie Surpitski, Jean Emerson and Harvey Schwartz.

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IPSWICH – Voters at the town assembly approved a proposal to build a new combined fire and police station at the corner of Linebrook and Pine Swamp roads.

A two-thirds majority was required in the vote on Saturday morning. By a show of hands, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the proposal. Moderator Tom Murphy said 497 voters have registered for the meeting.

However, the decision still needs to be ratified in a ballot on Tuesday, October 26, before officials can proceed with the project.

The two-step process is required by state law as the city will be borrowing $ 27.5 million for the building. If approved, the new facility will replace the Fire Hall, which was built in 1907 for horse-drawn carriages, and the Elm Street Police Station, which was built around 1920 as an annex to the Town Hall.

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At the city meeting on Saturday morning, officials struggled to say that the $ 27.5 million was a maximum amount. The money will be used to pay for the design and construction as well as to equip the new building.

“We will not come back to the city meeting in any way to ask for additional funds,” said Jamie Fay, finance committee (FinCom) representative to the public safety facilities committee.

“I promise you that we will not be returning to this body for a dime more,” agreed FinCom chairman Michael Dougherty.

Fay said the requested $ 27.5 million was a cap that included a contingency and allowances for projected construction cost inflation. “We feel very, very confident in that number,” he said.

That will add about 51 cents to the current tax rate of $ 13.22, according to FinCom’s city meeting booklet. The tax impact will be around $ 300 per year on an average home valued at just over $ 586,200.

Public Safety Facilities Committee Chairman Bob Weatherall began with an anecdote. With reference to Lot of Salem film crew who just finished their work in Ipswich, he said scouts were looking for places that had a 1970s look.

“They went to Elm Street [the police station], took a look at what we had, and they said, ‘Perfect!’ Weatherall said with a laugh.

He said plans were made in 1954 to expand the fire station but were never implemented. “Here we are, 67 years later. Now is the time to do it, ”Weatherall said.

Committee member Rob Donahue said the committee has met more than 75 times over the past few years and reviewed several sites in the city. He said the first proposal was for a 45,000 square foot building with an estimated cost of $ 35 million.

That was reduced by about a third, to 29,600 square feet, and a 20% reduction in the cost of the project, he added.

As well as having modern facilities, this will save the city money by not having to purchase “expensive custom fire apparatus” to fit into the 1907 building, Donahue said. .

A public view

Fay said further operational reductions can be expected from facilities sharing and argued that now is the right time to borrow money due to historically low interest rates.

Recognize that the tax impact is “substantial”, he added: “It is a large number, but it is a reasonable number”.

School committee chairman Chub Whitten called the current conditions “deplorable” and urged voters to approve the proposal.

Board chair Tammy Jones, who is also a member of the public safety committee, noted that another group has now been set up to look into the future of the old police and fire stations.

“I can tell you from experience that it can be hellish” working in old buildings, said Robert Hegarty, a resident of the Malden Fire Department who also works in a former fire station. “I can tell you stories of things that live in this station,” he added.

He argued that the old buildings will have to be replaced anyway. “It will be built one day. Mortgage rates are low. Let’s build it now, ”he said.

Resident Sarah Simon said a single modern building would cost less to run than separate older buildings.

Resident Diane Halverson asked about construction costs, noting that inflation is running at around five percent. She asked if the $ 27.5 million was correct.

“They were pretty clear on this,” Moderator Murphy replied.

Later in the meeting, however, resident Ed Marsh noted that citizens gathered in town voted in October 2020 to purchase the land for $ 630,000, which would bring the cost above $ 27.5 million. dollars.

Resident and student Julian Colville said he returned from the West Coast to vote against the measure. He thinks school buildings should be given priority.

After the meeting, Weatherall said he would have liked Colville to call him, as the state will determine when Ipswich returns to the pipeline for school funding. The FinCom Passbook estimates that funds for a feasibility study may be requested in FY 2024, which begins July 1, 2023, and construction funds may be requested in FY 28.

However, FinCom member Rob White noted that the dates are still estimates and are beyond the city’s control, as the Massachusetts School Building Authority will decide. “It’s many, many years away,” he said.

Speaking against the proposal, resident Eric Josephson said he was “not in love with the location and not in love with the price”.

After the meeting, voters put down their cards and clickers (which were not working properly)

“I could overcome either of them, but not both,” he said.

Noting that schools are once again the subject of discussion, Josephson argued that the Winthrop School site is the best location for a new public safety facility.

Resident Phil Goguen said he was not against the facility but objected to the way it was funded with borrowed money. “We are linked out of sight,” he said.

Resident Timothy Reilly, who owned and operated a crime and death scene clean-up business for 20 years, called the town’s current facilities “dangerous and embarrassing.”

“It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to a glaring problem,” said Resident and Fire Lieutenant Kendall Buhl. Failure to approve the project would send the wrong message to first responders, he argued. Now was the time for “more blind eyes, more deaf ears and more cold shoulders,” he said.

Resident Kathleen Gallanar urged voters to “please take care of the people who take care of us” in approving the new facility.

Public Safety Committee member Harvey Schwartz said the city could be held liable for discrimination lawsuits because current buildings lack facilities for women and the doors are not wide enough for a stretcher in the police station. “It’s a trial waiting to hit us,” he said.

After about an hour of debate, Murphy called for a show of hands. With only a few holding up their voter cards, he declared the vote carried by the required two-thirds majority.

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5 Bedroom House in Egg Harbor Township – $ 469,000 | Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:30:00 +0000

If you are looking for a home of peace and quiet and not your cookie-cutter property, this house is for you. This property sits on just under 3 acres with many great features! The existing ranch house consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms with an open concept floor plan. Your kitchen is upgraded with granite, a large central island and overlooks the huge dining room and living room. Your master bedroom has a large jacuzzi / shower combination and a walk-in closet. Your other two bedrooms are generous in size and share a full-size bathroom. There is a fully finished basement with a full bathroom that could be used for additional living space. The 2nd floor of the Law Quarter was completed in 2018, has its own entrance and consists of 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, an EIK and a living room. There is also a good sized terrace to relax and enjoy your coffee. There are many exterior features to this property, irrigation, plenty of parking, a detached 1 car garage, a shed and a large deck. The solar panels were installed in 2018 and are located in the backyard with 17 years remaining. The monthly lease is $ 143.00 and the buyer will be responsible for having it transferred to their name. The roof is 1 year old and is a 50 year old GAF ​​Carriage House Design Shingle. Seller will need 90 days to close which is easy to show but would prefer days’ notice if possible. Room upstairs dimensions EIK 15’3 X 10’0 BD 1 and 2 same dimension 13’3 X 10’2 Living room 14’6 X 9’3

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Real Housewives of Melbourne star Anjali Rao turns out to be bisexual Sun, 17 Oct 2021 12:48:34 +0000

Real Housewives of Melbourne star and former CNN presenter Anjali Rao turns out to be bisexual, reveals past relationships with women must have been “top secret” because of her career

She is a former CNN presenter and one of the new stars of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

And in Sunday night’s episode, Anjali Rao turned out to be bisexual with co-star Kyla Kirkpatrick, revealing how the few people she’s spoken to notice it’s “so sexy.”

The 47-year-old, who interviewed Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton, said she had to keep her past relationships with women “top secret” because of her career.

Bisexual: Real Housewives of Melbourne star and former CNN presenter Anjali Rao (pictured), 47, turned out to be bisexual in Sunday’s episode and revealed his past relationships with women must be “top secret “because of his high-flying career

“It’s new to me, but I’m openly bisexual,” Anjali told Kyla of Champagne.

She then revealed how a despised ex-partner shared her secret when their separation became messy.

“I kept it hidden forever until a few years ago, I came out of the worst relationship of my life. And the person decided to destroy me by revealing me to everyone, ”Anjali said.

Kyla offered her support saying, “You know your real friends don’t matter which way you swing, we love you no matter what!”


Support: “It’s new to me, but I’m openly bisexual,” Anjali told co-star Kyla Kirkpatrick (right). She revealed how a despised ex shared her secret. Offering his support, Kyle told Anjali, “You know your real friends don’t matter which direction you swing in, we love you no matter what!”

Anjali revealed in an on-camera article how she turned the betrayal into something positive.

“So since this person reported me, I decided to use this in a positive way. I couldn’t be happier to be in this position and say, “I’m bisexual and I love it,” she said.

Anjali added that people she’s been told often find it “too sexy” and that she’s more likely a fairy tale to end now that she has “double the options”.

While she had to keep her lovers a mystery while working as an anchor for CNN, Anjali couldn’t help but brag about how high-flying work allowed her to own three yachts.

Different: Anjali, who describes herself as a

Different: Anjali, who describes herself as a “global TV journalist, MC and Instagram singer,” didn’t hesitate to cast a shadow over her co-stars. Speaking to the Herald Sun this month, Anjali said she was “self-taught” and very different from the other women on the show.

The new reality TV star, who describes herself as a “global TV reporter, MC and Instagram singer,” has not shied away from casting a shadow over her co-stars.

Speaking to The Herald Sun ahead of the season five premiere last week, Anjali said she was “self-taught” and very different from the other women on the show.

“To me, it’s really not just horse-drawn carriages and diamond tiaras. But I think for these other women it is, ”she said.

His path: “For me, it's really not just carriages and diamond tiaras.  But I think for these other women it is, ”she said.

His path: “For me, it’s really not just carriages and diamond tiaras. But I think for these other women it is, ”she said. “The others couldn’t believe I had never had Botox,” she added. Pictured with Cherry Dipietrantonio (left) and Kyla

“Entering a world like Housewives was different, especially when I’m a completely self-taught woman – professionally, financially, all of that – I didn’t have to date someone or marry someone for it. to have.

“You can have your diamonds, I have my brain,” she added.

Anjali also told the publication that the cast were shocked that she did not undergo cosmetic procedures.

“Others couldn’t believe I had never had Botox. I think anyone who says they’re on a reality show without being scared or nervous in some way is a liar or an idiot, ”she added.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Foxtel’s Arena

Tune In: The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Foxtel's Arena

Tune In: The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Foxtel’s Arena


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Andrew D. Estock – Obituary – Mahoning Valley Sat, 16 Oct 2021 19:41:37 +0000

January 6, 1938 – October 12, 2021 (83 years old)

SEBRING – Andrew D. Estock, 83, died Tuesday, October 12 at the Hospice of the Valley Hospice House.

He was born January 1, 1938 in Alliance with Andrew and Loretta (Coron) Estock.

He retired from the Alliance Machine Company where he worked as an editor.

He was a US Navy veteran from July 1955 to January 1959. He proudly served aboard the USS Antietam as a tanker.

He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Maxine (Yarian) Estock; one daughter, Angela Stahl; one son, Andrew J. (Amy) Estock; sisters Dolores (John) Denero, Loretta (Tony) Best, Mary Ann Holland, Lucille (Joe) Eberling and Roberta Whitney; grandchildren Bradford Dillon, Nicholas (Kylie) Dillon, Emma Stahl, Madison Estock, Alivia Estock and Braiden Yeater; one great-grandchild, Cash Dillon; and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by brothers Everett Estock, Raymond Estock and Robert Estock; and sisters Marcella (Steve) Berletich and Teresa Nervi.

Family meant everything to Andy, and he loved entertaining his family and friends at every opportunity.

Andy loved sports. He was a Hot Stove baseball coach and youth football coach in the Sebring / West Branch, Homeworth and Salem areas for many years.

He was one of the founders of the West Branch flag football program and the West Branch Little Warriors.

In his later years he enjoyed spending time in his garden, feeding and bird watching, and taking long scenic walks.

He loved to sing campfire songs.

There will be a memorial service at a later date. The Gednetz-Ruzek-Brown Funeral Home will take care of the arrangements.

The family is requesting that commemorative contributions be made to the Hospice of the Valley Hospice House or the American Legion Alliance.

Friends and family can send their condolences and sign the guest register online at

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Andrew D. Estock, visit our flower shop.

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Will NKOTB’s Knight Brothers’ Home Become a Boston Landmark? It could happen, step by step Fri, 15 Oct 2021 22:13:17 +0000

Dorchester’s neighbors, led by Boston Landmark Commission commissioner John Amodeo, have banded together to submit the house to historic monument status, according to an article in the Dorchester Reporter.

Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block host at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace on July 6, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.Denise Truscello

In a preliminary hearing on Oct. 12, the commission gave the green light to the petition, moving it to the study report phase, which details the building’s historical or architectural significance, according to the BLC’s website.

“It’s an interesting building that should be designated,” said Earl Taylor, president of the Dorchester Historical Society and advocate for monument status to The Dorchester Reporter. “In the recent past, connecting with a boy group is definitely an association worth celebrating.”

The three-story royal estate has long been a mecca for NKOTB superfans. Hordes of them flocked to the residence at the group’s heyday in the late ’80s and’ 90s, even after the band members had left.

“People were camping out there all the time and coming by the gate,” said Sharon Knight, a sister of the Musical Brothers, in a 2008 Globe article. “We had to put up a big wrought iron fence. “

The home, a nine-bedroom, five-bathroom rectory near Dorchester Center, sits on 35,000 square foot grassy land. According to Michael Dorion’s real estate listing of The Residential Group at William Raveis Real Estate, the pad has a carriage entrance, 10 parking spaces and a storage shed in the back, which featured in the NKOTB music video ” Games “.

The shed, however, is “in need of major repairs” and a frozen pipe last year caused damage to the interior of the house, where some rooms “were gutted to the posts,” according to the listing.

After the house was sold to the Salvation Army, it became The Jubilee House and was used for church and community services, according to the estate listing. In September 2020, the organization announced that Jubilee House would merge with Boston’s Kroc Center in Uphams Corner, and therefore move out of the boy’s group’s former home.

In addition to its recent, star-studded history, the historic petition highlighted several architectural features of the house as reasons to preserve it, such as its ‘Queen Anne / Asymmetric Stick Style’ construction, the intersecting gable roof, and the Palladian window.

Its historical context is also important – the petition stated that the house was originally owned by John Worcester Field, a leather merchant, and that it was designed by architect George Meacham, who also designed the Boston Public Garden. .

Andrew Saxe, another petitioner, told The Dorchester Reporter that he was concerned that the building, unless preserved, could be demolished by the developers.

“If Boston can’t keep 10 Melvilles, then just throw in the towel,” he said. “Does he have an important architect? It was created by the same architect as the Jardin Public. Is this important from an architectural point of view? His twin house in Newton is an iconic house that is protected. Is he associated with someone famous? Well, Mr. Fields was a successful trader. However, a century later, these children came out of there and were a national phenomenon. He ticks every box, for God’s sake.

New Kids on the Block in concert at Fenway Park on August 6, 2021.
New Kids on the Block in concert at Fenway Park on August 6, 2021. Josh Reynolds for the Boston Globe

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Obituary of Trevor Hemmings | Horses race Fri, 15 Oct 2021 19:53:00 +0000

Trevor Hemmings, who died aged 86, was a contradiction – an enigmatic billionaire who fiercely protected his privacy, assisted by a trademark cloth cap, which he joked that he even wore for the breakfast and allow him to sit unnoticed in a pub. But he was an instantly recognizable figure on the racetrack, where his horses won prize after prize.

Hemmings started out as a bricklayer and the fortune he amassed from the property allowed him to become a successful racehorse owner. He has won the Grand National three times and provided the High Kingdom horse, on which the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, won a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics. His charitable work and support long-term career at the Princess Royal’s Carers Trust earned her the CVO award in 2011.

Along the way he developed Center Parcs and Pontins, bought the Blackpool center and its tower in an attempt to add to his betting interests and saved Preston North End, his local team, from liquidation. Through private companies he owned hundreds of pubs and hotels.

Trevor Hemmings and the Princess Royal at the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival, 2014. He sustained the confidence of his caregivers and provided the horse on which his daughter, Zara, won a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics . Photograph: Rupert Hartley / David Hartley / Rex / Shutterstock

The few talks he gave were mostly about his horses, but he said his commercial success was due to being “very disciplined” and using every hour. “You won’t see me in the restaurants in Lingfield or Ayr. I stand in line at the chippy, ”he said. “You have to learn more about real people and understand their requirements. “

A mainstay of Northwestern business, he was actually born in Woolwich, south-east London, where his father worked at the Royal Arsenal. In 1940, at the age of five, he suffered the devastation of the blitz before moving to Leyland in Lancashire with his father, Monty, and mother, Lilian (née West). His father was transferred to the Chorley munitions factory, far from the German bombers.

He quickly ditched his London accent for the Lancashire tones he kept for the rest of his life. “I wouldn’t have survived otherwise,” he said.

Young Hemmings had two rounds of paper, was a gas station attendant at age 10, and a year later delivered horse and cart races. But upon leaving modern high school at Turpin Green Bridge, he found himself faced with four obvious options: parents, the weaving mills, which were in decline, or become policemen. Instead, he found work cleaning locomotives while taking a business studies class at night school, before becoming an apprentice mason.

In 1960 he started his own business, Hemmings and Kent, with £ 12. He said he continued to sell his businesses “as they became interesting to others.” His first business went to Christian Salvesen for £ 1.5million. He joined the company, but three years later started another homebuilder, Ambrose, which was eventually sold to Barratt for £ 5.7million.

His crucial decision was to join the Pontins holiday villages as real estate director. The company was created by Fred Pontin in the 1940s, transforming a former military base into his first inexpensive summer camp. Hemmings had met Pontin when he had built a village in Southport. The two got along so well that Hemmings would describe himself as the son Pontin never had, tossing him a coin about who should cook breakfast, only to find that Pontin was using a double-headed coin.

Hemmings invested in Pontins and performed well when it was sold to Coral in 1978, before Bass took over Coral in 1980. Seven years later, he led a management buyout of Pontins for $ 57 million. pounds sterling, soon selling it for £ 90million to Scottish and Newcastle. At the head of the company’s leisure division, he bought the British activities of Center Parcs which he was developing. But in 2000 he bought Pontins back, ultimately selling him for £ 46million. Meanwhile, his private businesses were busy with a string of multi-million pound deals involving creameries, construction companies and casinos.

In 1999 he bought part of central Blackpool, including the tower and the winter gardens, anticipating a relaxation of gambling laws. But he was disappointed when the city failed in a bid for a supercasino in 2007. The tower was sold to the council in 2010.

Pontin encouraged Hemmings’ interest in horse racing, teasing him that he would never match his own success by winning the Grand National.

Hemmings’ endeavors in national hunting races did not bring immediate success. One observer said: “We were wondering why he was buying so many donkeys.” He liked to personally select horses and prided himself on buying young ones. “I’m not inclined to buy a £ 500,000 horse because I could win a race. I love to watch them grow and develop.

His racing empire included a 300 acre ‘nursery’ in north Cork and his stud at Gleadhill, near Chorley, from where young horses were sent to selected trainers. He lived on the Isle of Man in his Ballaseyr stud farm, where he described himself as “surrounded by old friends” – his retired champions.

Trevor Hemmings, right, jockey Tony McCoy, in Hemmings signature colors, and horse Albertas Run, 2008.
Trevor Hemmings, right, jockey Tony McCoy, in Hemmings signature colors, and horse Albertas Run, 2008. Photograph: David Davies / AP

The first winner in its distinctive white, yellow and green colors came to Bath in 1985; his last in Worcester in April this year. In the meantime, he won the Grand National in 2005 with Hedgehunter, in 2011 with Ballabriggs and in 2015 with Many Clouds, tying the record for most wins. His Cloth Cap horse was the favorite for this year’s race, but he stopped. He had more success at Cheltenham and the Hennessy Gold Cup. The race’s tributes praised him as a gentleman to deal with and one of the biggest supporters of jump races.

Hemmings was an enthusiastic owner of Preston North End Football Club after taking control in 2010, injecting millions and delighted with the promotion to the Championship, which followed in 2015.

He once claimed to give “eight or 10 times more” to charity than he spent on horses. Among those he supported were the Red Cross, RNLI, Samaritans and the Carers Trust. In 2002, he donated £ 300,000 for a center at Royal Preston Hospital for victims of sexual assault.

In 1955, he married Eve Rumney. She survives him, along with their three sons, Peter, Craig and Patrick, and their daughter, Carole.

Trevor James Hemmings, businessman, born June 11, 1935; passed away on October 11, 2021

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