Ford Motor Co. opens Michigan Central Station to provide update on renovations

The top three floors of Ford Motor Co.’s Michigan Central Station will be dedicated to a luxury hotel and restaurants when a massive five-year renovation project is completed by mid-2023.

The 100,000 square feet on the ground floor of Detroit’s former transcontinental gateway will be a combination of public gathering space, cafe, food court, and sufficient event space. large to accommodate 1,000 people.

In between, there will be 10 floors of offices in the station tower for employees of Ford and its mobility and autonomous vehicle partners – and possibly other automakers.

The vision of Ford’s executives in 2018 when it purchased the shell of a building that has long been seen as a target for a wrecking ball is starting to come to fruition.

During a media tour of the old depot on Tuesday, Ford’s construction managers showed the progress hundreds of skilled workers have made in more than three years since the Dearborn-based automaker paid $ 90 million. dollars to the Moroun family for the imposing station and the adjacent station. properties in Corktown.

The station, which closed in 1988, was a symbol of Detroit’s decline in the late 20th century. Like many abandoned buildings in the city, the old depot had been stripped of its precious metals.

Rain, ice, sleet and snow have deteriorated the plaster and terracotta tiles over time – parts of the original building that are slowly being restored with painstaking detail, said Rich Bardelli, director of the construction of Ford for the Michigan Central Station project.

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