Horse-drawn carriage driver fights for seat at Windsor Castle after council ban

If he lost access to the particular stretch next to Windsor Castle, Mr Langthorne said he would be forced to “sell the horses and finish”, especially since there is another carriage operator with the monopoly on the use of the scenic Long Walk.

He told the Telegraph: “There’s no way I can keep the four horses and pay rent for where they’re staying just for fun, I can’t do it.”

The retiree insists that there is “no reason” that council cannot provide him with permission to enter the area, and that council members have repeatedly refused his requests for permission to enter the area. meeting, even an invitation to get into his carriage.

He added, “It’s not a mega deal, it’s my pleasure, and I don’t see why they couldn’t give me permission to come in two to three hours a day.”

The council’s suggested replacement for its top spot on Castle Hill “just doesn’t get in attendance,” according to Langthorne. He said, “I know I won’t have a cat in hell any chance of surviving.”

“People come out of the castle and they see me with my bowler hat and waistcoat and sometimes they even think I’m waiting for royalty. Then they ask if they can book you – I have to rely totally on attendance for the job. “, he mentioned.

Mr. Langthorne keeps four horses for the carriage, the Arab-Welsh crosses Vic and Silver and Connemaras Ronnie and Reggie.

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