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Perhaps the biggest events of what was called the IUPatty weekend included the Indiana University of Pennsylvania men’s basketball team’s return Friday from the NCAA Division II tournament and a postponement due to weather for a traditional Sunday campus cleaning effort.

However, according to a compilation provided by Michelle Fryling, the IUP’s executive director of media relations, the weekend was not devoid of police activity, with a reported burglary arrest and a sexual assault making the investigated, both by the Indiana Borough Police Department.

Additionally, the Indiana County Emergency Management Agency reported disturbances Friday night near the Sheetz along Seventh Street, but Fryling said the groups dispersed without incident.

Fryling said Sunday’s IUP student clean-up project, which traditionally involves up to 500 students from Greek and student leadership groups, was delayed due to snow. Instead, those students will join a borough cleanup in Indiana scheduled for next Saturday.

While the events of the first weekend after the resumption of spring classes at IUP were described by Indiana Police Chief Justin Schawl as “the unofficial, unauthorized, celebratory events focused on IUPatty weekend social media,” stakeholders from many aspects of Indiana and white township life are coming together as the Indiana Area Collaborative Team or I-ACT to monitor these events.

Fryling’s report also included the Indiana Fire Association’s memo that she had assisted the IUP Police Department with a Crimson Hawks escort in Indiana.

The IFA reported no fire calls or incidents on Saturday or Saturday night.

On Friday, however, there was a call to Carriage House at 11:10 p.m. for burnt food. Volunteer firefighters were out for 30 minutes to investigate and work with facility security.

Fryling said there was a report of marijuana use and a roommate dispute in on-campus housing between Friday 7 a.m. and Saturday 7 a.m., then no incidents to report between Saturday 7 a.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. .

The roundup provided by IUP police included the basketball team escort and an event hosted by the campus chapter of the NAACP.

Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, IUP officers said they observed a slight increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic on campus, slightly more than on a traditional weekend.

She said the IUP Police Department received a total of 21 calls for routine duty and two patrols of grounds/residences.

There were also eight traffic stops, resulting in verbal warnings; an unreportable traffic accident; and one reported motor vehicle theft.

Police said the vehicle has been recovered and their investigation is continuing.

There were also three disorderly conduct, one noise complaint, three instances of public intoxication, one report of underage drinking and four other calls for service.

Between Friday morning and Saturday morning, campus police said there was an increase in foot and vehicular traffic in and around campus.

During that 24-hour period, Fryling said IUP officers responded to 28 calls for routine service, including seven patrolling grounds/residences; eight traffic checks for which six fines were issued; and a reportable traffic accident where driving under the influence may have been involved. Campus police said the matter remains under investigation, pending lab analysis of the evidence gathered.

There were also two ambulance calls and a drug investigation which turned out to be unfounded.

Off-campus, Indiana Borough Police responded to 54 calls between 7 a.m. Friday and 7 a.m. Saturday, and 74 calls between 7 a.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Sunday.

Between Friday morning and Saturday morning, 11 BIPD calls were related to the IUP, but none were related to a student; nine charges were filed, seven for criminal offences, two for traffic offences.

Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, BIPD appeals resulted in 19 charges, seven for felony code violations, 11 for traffic violations and one for traffic violation. the borough. Six appeals concerned fees related to IUP students.

Indiana Borough Police also reported significant investigations during this 24-hour period, including two burglaries with a male who is not an IUP student taken into custody for burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

The other investigation is ongoing. Fryling said the IBPD was also investigating a sexual assault, but no further details were available for release Sunday noon.

State Police Troop A in Indiana received a report of a disturbance or loud party between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, but it was dispersed without incident. There were no such reports between Friday morning and Saturday morning.

Soldiers had more reports of traffic stops between 7 a.m. Friday and 7 a.m. Saturday, more than 100, than in the next 24 hours, 90.

From Friday to Saturday, soldiers had 11 arrests for driving under the influence, three drug-related, six alcohol-related, two both. From Saturday to Sunday, there were three impaired driving arrests, two drug-related, one alcohol-related. There were four arrests for drug possession by state police from Friday to Saturday, three from Saturday to Sunday as well as one arrest for public intoxication.

Fryling said information on enforcement efforts by the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control was not yet available as of Sunday afternoon.

She also said the Indiana Regional Medical Center had no increased activity or notable incidents, continuing a trend dating back to 2017.

Citizens’ Ambulance did not report anything significant directly related to the IUP except for the “normal type of service requests”, all of which occurred between 7am Friday and 7am Saturday.

ICEMA increased traffic stops throughout the weekend, but no reports of noise complaints and no IUP-related issues between Saturday morning and Sunday morning.

Elsewhere, the White Township Board of Supervisors received no complaints or concerns about the incidents over the weekend.

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