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Oxford, Mississippi, police chief Jeff McCutchen is working with area junkyards to etch identifying marks on catalytic converters in a bid, he says, to “take money from hands of criminals” as they swipe them to cash in the precious metals. inside.

Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney representing two Houston women who lost family members in crashes involving police officers, suggested at a news conference that several recent fatal crashes were examples of police policies that put endanger communities of color because car chases don’t tend to happen in the more affluent neighborhoods.

Allison Stone, 26, a youth church leader in Albertville, Alabama, was released from jail after posting $60,000 bond after authorities charged her with second-degree sodomy and abuse second-degree sex involving a 15-year-old high school student.

Dan Gibson, mayor of Natchez, Mississippi, said an ordinance banning chaining of dogs and limiting who is allowed to sell puppies in the city will prevent abuse and “take our animal control to the next level.” Gerard Boyle, 67, of Franklin, Tennessee, was sentenced to three years in prison for bribing a Virginia sheriff with gifts, cash and campaign contributions to secure contracts for medical services from a worth over $3 million a year with the sheriff’s office.

Undra Jeter, coach and livestock manager at a living history museum in Virginia, said black men who drove horse-drawn carriages through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg “were resilient” as the museum named a new carriage after one of the men, with plans to do the same for more.

Ashtyn Rance, 35, of Miami, admitted illegally shipping poisonous turtles and snakes from his South Georgia home and possessing two firearms despite a previous felony conviction, and was sentenced to nearly three years in prison. jail, prosecutors said.

Terry Powell, 20, of Mansfield, Louisiana, looked at the victim’s family, smiled and blew kisses as he was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years for killing a front desk worker a motel and attempted to kill a hotel guest in April.

Tulsa Police Department captain Ryan Woods said a 21-year-old man died in a hospital after being shot by a guard who claimed the man pointed a gun at him as he robbed beer in a convenience store.

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