Injured carriage horse in midtown

NEW YORK – There are new calls to take hansom taxis off city streets following an incident Thursday where a horse was caught and injured in Midtown.

NY1 learned that it was the first day of the horse drawn carriage work in Central Park.

According to a group representing the horse-drawn carriage industry, “Chief” was returning to the stables when he was surprised, hit a parked car and fell at the intersection of West 55th Street and Eighth Avenue.

NYPD says the horse sustained cuts to the midsection, head and front leg.

Animal rights activists say the incident was traumatic for the horse.

“I was a little scared because it looked like the horse could almost go through the store window and I was like, ‘Oh my God. “I never realized how big and powerful the horses were seeing them do all this damage and it’s crazy,” said Michaela Pecot, a witness.

“We received eyewitness footage of a horrific, bloody and traumatic accident – a carriage horse was out of control crashed into a car that happens again and again in New York City because we put these animals that easily scared off in downtown traffic, ”said NYCLASS Executive Director Edina Birnkrant.

A representative from Historic Horse-Drawn Carriages of Central Park issued a statement saying, “New York’s beloved carriage horses spend 95% of their working time in Central Park without a car, and during their commute to and from the United States. park every day, they are the safest form of transportation on the streets of midtown Manhattan.The last incident that resulted in an injury to a horse drawn carriage during their journey occurred almost a decade ago, in 2012 . “

Meanwhile, the Committee for Compassionate and Responsible Tourism also released a statement saying this is another example of why carriage horses have no place on the streets of New York. .

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