Life coach for Aryan Khan? SRK and Gauri plan mental health counseling for son

Aryan Khan was released from prison on October 30, after the Bombay High Court granted him bail on October 28. The stay at Arthur Road Prison was “mentally difficult and difficult” for the 23-year-old. A close family friend of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan reveals that they are doing everything possible to ensure that Aryan gets all the support he needs to overcome his experience in prison. This includes finding her a personal life coach or guru and even online counseling sessions with an international mental health expert.

On October 28, the Bombay High Court granted bail to Aryan Khan. The child star returned home on October 30. He received a warm welcome from the fans, who gathered outside SRK’s bungalow, Mannat, with firecrackers, dhol, banners and more.


The family friend told “Aryan has always been a shy child. From an early age he preferred to stay away from the dazzling lights of the cameras following his father. on many occasions, like the Eid or SRK birthday, he must have been brought in to pose with his family for the media. He was isolated and protected from the outside world and this experience in prison shook him as if it would affect anyone his age.

The insider further tells that Aryan’s interactions in Mannat are limited only to his immediate family members and household helpers who have known him from childhood. Even guests who visit Mannat to see Aryan do not get an audience with him unless he is willing to meet him.

The Aryan who is given space and time to recover from his ordeal now has the task of determining his future and defining his next course of action. A close family friend reveals that Gauri and SRK are keen to give him time to decide what to do next. The chances of him going out in public anytime soon are slim. And, there is also a discussion of what kind of help Aryan Khan should get.

The insider reveals that the family are considering bringing in a life coach or personal guru for Aryan Khan, who will advise and guide him through the healing process.


The concept of a life coach is not new to Bollywood. Many actors seek help and advice from professionals who are equipped to help them navigate stressful and difficult life situations. It has been said that Hrithik Roshan was working with a life coach a few years ago. The job of a life coach is different from that of a counselor. This person is available 24/7 for his client for any conversation and orientation.

Shah Rukh, who has access to every possible life coach in the world, plans to have Aryan work with someone who can hold his hand and guide him on his next path.


There is speculation about the nature of the advice that will be arranged for Aryan Khan. Since he cannot travel abroad immediately unless authorized, there is a possibility that an international mental health expert, an expert in managing young adults, will be considered for Aryan Khan. The family want to give him the privacy he needs and SRK and Gauri agree to seek advice from a foreign expert on the matter.

Aryan’s advice, until he can travel overseas, will be through an online source during a video call.

Buzz is that Aryan could pursue his cinematic aspirations and return to the United States once he is approved to travel. In the meantime, the family provides him with all the help and resources possible to get through these difficult times.

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