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District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway strongly criticized the Livingston Police Department after a recent investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation into a 2019 incident involving a then city councilman.

“It is the role of law enforcement to protect our citizens and actively investigate allegations of criminal conduct,” Dunaway said in a letter to the Livingston Mayor and Aldermen’s Council. “That doesn’t seem to have happened here, under the leadership of Greg Etheredge. I’m aware that Greg Etheredge and Chris Speck have recently resigned from their respective positions in the city. Even so, this situation is so concerning. , I wanted the College of Aldermen to be aware of the situation.

DA Dunaway explained that in June 2022, Sgt. Bruce Matthews of the Livingston Police Department has requested a meeting to discuss his concern about how a case has been handled involving former councilman Chris Speck and his family.

A video dated May 13, 2019 was provided to DA Dunaway in which Wendy Speck sits in the passenger seat of an LPD patrol car and speaks to a female officer, reporting to the officer that she had been involved in a domestic matter. assault involving her husband.

In the video, Ms. Speck instructs the officer to call Police Chief Greg Etheredge, and the conversation between Ms. Speck and Chief Etheredge is also recorded. In this conversation, Mrs. Speck alleges to Chief Etheredge that an incident of domestic violence occurred that night involving her husband. She also alleges that a hole in the wall of the ‘carriage shed’ was where Mr Speck stuck their 15-year-old daughter’s head through the wall.

“Next, Chief Etheredge is heard on the video telling Ms. Speck to ask the officer to take her to his personal residence,” DA Dunaway said.

“After viewing the video, I was concerned that no investigation had been carried out into the allegations of domestic violence and physical abuse of children,” said DA Dunaway. “As a result, I have asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to conduct an investigation.”

DA Dunaway then lists the following findings of the TBI investigation:

• The video was produced by LPD officer Connie Nardozzi.

• There are no police reports or records, other than the video, that document this alleged domestic relationship and child physical abuse report in the LPD files.

•There is no evidence or documentation in the LPD’s records to indicate that the allegations made by Wendy Speck were investigated by the LPD.

• There have been no reports of allegations of alleged physical abuse of a child made to the Department of Children’s Services, which is required by law.

• Mayor Curtis Hayes was interviewed. He said he remembered this incident from three years ago and knew there was video. Mayor Hayes said that night he received a phone call from Chris Speck. He went to the Speck home and observed Wendy Speck sitting in the LPD patrol car and being hysterical. Mayor Hayes says he did not recall having a conversation with Chris Speck that night.

•Ray Smith of the LPD was interviewed. He remembers that he was in charge of that shift because Chief Etheredge was out of town. Mayor Hayes called him and asked for an officer to come to the area of ​​the Speck house. Ray Smith called the sergeant. Jonathan Storie and asked him to have an officer do this.

• Officer Connie Nardozzi, a new officer at the time, arrived in the area of ​​the Speck house. Wendy Speck opened her passenger door and got into her car. Officer Nardozzi then activated his video camera. She asked her supervisor, Sgt. Story, to come to their location – by radio. In the meantime, Mrs. Speck indicated that she had been hit by her husband and asked to speak to Chief Etheredge. Agent Nardozzi called the chief and gave the phone to Wendy Speck. Ms Speck reported a domestic incident and an incident of physical abuse to a child by telephone to the then Chief Etheredge. Etheredge’s voice can be heard on the video.

• Sergeant. Storie arrived and carried Wendy Speck to Greg Etheredge’s home. Connie Nardozzi is back on patrol. Officer Nardozzi states that before she left, she observed Chris Speck and Mayor Hayes talking in the driveway of the Speck house.

• The Nardozzi office said they were not aware of any reports that had been made and that the situation was wrong.

•Jonathan Storie said in his interview that he got a call from Greg Etheredge. He told her to take Wendy Speck to Etheredge; He did it. Storie states that while he was at the scene, he was unaware that a domestic incident had been reported. Connie Nardozzi later told Storie she was upset because nothing had been done about the incident.

• The Department of Children’s Services has confirmed that no reports of such an incident have been received by DCS from the LPD.

•Tracy Dishman, an LPD dispatcher, said in her interview that she knew officers responded to the Speck home area that night, but she didn’t know why. There was never any discussion about it on the police radio about what was going on. She never created a CAD report because there was nothing on the radio. Tracy Dishman said Jonathan Storie later told her she didn’t want to know what happened.

• TBI agents attempted to interview members of the Speck family, but refused interviews.

“This office is very concerned about former Chief Etheredge’s handling of this incident,” said DA Dunaway. “There is no evidence that a police investigation was conducted into the alleged domestic assault of Wendy Speck and her child. There is no police report. Furthermore, there was no evidence that the LPD made a report to the Department of Children’s Services regarding the allegation of child abuse. This is in violation of the law.”

DA Dunaway noted that criminal offenses of official misconduct and failure to report suspected child abuse could have been committed, but no criminal action was taken and now no action can be taken regarding the incident , according to DA Dunaway.

“Unfortunately, because this incident occurred on May 13, 2019, more than three years after the event, the applicable statute of limitations has expired,” he said.

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