Man “hijacks” Amish TV, detonates bizarre Al Yankovic “Amish Paradise” parody

Man “hijacked” Amish restaurant television and used it to broadcast Weird Al Yankovic parody song Amish paradise.

Angelica Smith, who describes herself as a “Christian, wife, mom and musician,” shared a video on TikTok showing her and her family at a Der Dutchman restaurant.

The chain, which claims to serve “true Amish cuisine,” owns five restaurants in Ohio and one in Florida, but it was not clear which the family was visiting in the clip.

Smith, who claims to be a fan of the fried chicken on Der Dutchman’s menu, captioned the video: “When you hack TV in an Amish restaurant.”

The clip, uploaded Thursday, June 3, shows her husband scrolling through his phone after apparently managing to connect to the flat-screen TV in the lobby.

The couple stifle laughter, as Smith can be heard saying, “Oh my God he’s playing Amish paradise. “

Yankovic’s parody song was released in 1996, based on the 1995 track Coolio Gangster paradise.

the Amish paradise The video shows the singer wearing a wide-brimmed hat and black clothes, as he churns butter, rides in a horse-drawn carriage and erects a barn.

The clip can be seen on the restaurant’s television in Smith’s TikTok clip, as the song’s distinctive intro is heard.

Yankovic can then be heard rapping, “So tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1699. We’ve spent most of our lives. Living in an Amish paradise. I churned butter one or two. twice.”

As the trail continues, a Der Dutchman worker, dressed in “traditional Amish” clothing, is seen watching television.

“She took a picture from television,” read an onscreen caption posted by Smith, replacing another caption that read, “When your husband hijacks the television at an Amish restaurant.”

Her video has been viewed over 4.1 million times and garnered over 485,000 likes. Thousands of comments have been left on TikTok, with some viewers describing it as “hilarious” and others calling it “exploitative”.

Ashley McFadden commented: “It’s the funniest thing I think I’ve seen.”

Vanessa Geary admitted, “If I was there I wouldn’t be able to breathe from laughing so much.”

Laney pointed out, “Nobody asks why the Amish place has a television?”

Summer was less impressed, writing, “That’s not very nice. They’re different from you, that doesn’t mean you can exploit this for an easy ‘laugh’ at their expense.”

Marisasantoyo added, “It was offensive to watch. I know it was for you… Not good at all.”

News week contacted Smith and Der Dutchman for comment.

“Weird Al” Yankovic on stage in February 2000. A woman shared a clip of her husband “hijacking” a television at an Amish-themed restaurant to play his parody song “Amish Paradise”.
Hiroyuki Ito / Getty Images

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