Man who married Rice Cooker divorces 4 days later

Khoirul Anam

Sadly, not all marriages end in a happy ending, and no amount of expensive honeymoons and horse-drawn carriages can make things easier if the couple just aren’t well suited.

This was unfortunately the case with Khoirul Anam from Indonesia who thought he had finally found this one in the form of a regular old rice cooker.

Now, I’ve been hearing good things about rice cookers for a while, but I can’t imagine being so in love with such that I would drape a veil over them and declare my undying devotion. I guess I’ll have to try it first.

Khoirul, meanwhile, was first absolutely smitten with his rice cooker and went so far as to marry her in a full-fledged ceremony.

In photos shared on Facebook, Khoirul could be seen signing the necessary documents and looking proud as he kissed his new bride on her beautiful cover.

Of course, being a non-sensitive kitchen item, the rice cooker is probably not the most talkative of life companions. However, the distraught Khoirul still found much to admire in his plastic princess, gushing with her useful properties.

In a Facebook post, Khoirul praised the little cook for being “white, loving, obedient”, adding precisely: “without you my rice is not cooked”. Granted, it’s not exactly the kind of romantic proclamation a girl dreams of, but I can relate to wanting to be with someone who shares my appreciation for food.

As many of us know too well, the course of true love has never gone smoothly, and – like Romeo and Juliet before them – Khoirul and his new wife were destined to only share a few days together.

In a recent update, Khoirul revealed that he decided to end the marriage just four days after the marriage began because he would only be cooking rice, stating:

My decision is round .. heavy indeed .. but that’s how I take .. no perfect partner ..

It’s unclear if Khoirul and the Rice Cooker will remain friends after everything they’ve been through – perhaps sharing amicable custody of a bag of rice – or if things will be really awkward every time. that he’ll open the kitchen cupboard.

After all, no one likes to meet their ex at the best of times, let alone when they are looking for cereal first thing in the morning.

All the best Khoirul and the mysterious new divorced Ms Rice Cooker, who could not be reached for comment at this time. I hope they both find what they’re looking for.

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