Mildura House looks like Ettamogah pub and attracts tourist buses

A regional Victorian house for sale looks so much like a tourist destination that it even got a bus full of internationals.

A Mildura house so unique that it draws tourist buses is being compared to the Ettamogah pub after it went on sale for $ 1.39-1.52 million last week.

The 1.21 ha property facing the Murray River at 120, boulevard de la Rivière is adorned with about twenty cart wheels, more than a dozen old plows and three old horses and carts.

And then there are the really unexpected features, like the forklift mast converted to a loading lift from the rear deck of the house that helps move firewood and furniture all the way to the house.

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Or the garage integrated into the house with a reinforced floor and a ramp that allows homeowners to climb onto the veranda where a segment of the front wall tilts and allows you to enter.

Jeanette and Ian Vale have spent over 20 years perfecting their home after designing it with the help of an architect.

Their plan was to elevate it to provide the best views of the Murray River and reclaim a rounded veranda which they added to their old home.

“I didn’t intend it to look like the Ettamogah pub, but this is what it sort of looks like,” Vale said.

He added that he had considered putting an old Bedford truck on the roof, but felt it would have been a bit of a hassle.

Ken Maynard created the iconic location in a popular cartoon released on Australian Post starting in 1958, but it has since been transformed into a hotel chain with three locations around NSW.

Named Cypress Pines for the wood it is built from, the Mildura House also features unique decor inside, including a cart wheel converted to kitchen lighting, old saw blades, and antique-style freestanding tubs.

An outdoor kitchen with a wood-burning stove is regularly used to prepare pizzas for receptions.

The unique design of the house even attracted unexpected visitors, including a bus packed with international tourists.

“One day I was working in the back and I looked down the aisle and there’s a bunch of people coming down to me,” Mr. Vale said.

“They asked me if we were open, if it was a hotel or a resort. I said ‘no, it’s just our house’.

“They had never seen anything like it… so we said they could walk around and they had all their cameras on.”

A tennis court, an expansive hangar and a dam with a picturesque log cabin and jetty on its edge join the decorations outside. A bungalow has two more bedrooms, a bathroom and another kitchen.

There is also a double insulated shed with another bedroom and a kitchen.

Ray White Mildura chief executive Damian Portaro said the house was being compared to the Ettamogah pub on social media.

Buyers who inspected the home were blown away by its unique features.

Mr Portaro added that there was even a few unique pieces of furniture expected to join the house’s extensive collection of wagon wheels that can remain on the property.

“There is nothing more to do,” said Mr. Portaro.

The house at 120 River Boulevard will go up for auction on December 17 at 11:30 a.m.

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