Mina Starsiak Hawk Teases More ‘Layers of Drama’ for HGTV’s ‘Good Bones’ Season 7 (Exclusive)

good bones Season 7 will return this summer, but before the HGTV show’s all-new series of episodes featuring rehabbed homes in downtown Indianapolis alongside an affable mother-daughter duo, the series Mina Starsiak Hawk told PopCulture.com exclusively that the next season will see “a lot more layers to the drama” than any other season. The founder and “serial entrepreneur” of Two Chicks & a Hammer spoke to PopCulture earlier this month while sharing details of her new venture at her Two Chicks District Co store.

“It’s just going to be a one-off season because the majority, if not all, happened during COVID. So it’s just this really weird dance of all the regular stuff that happens in the build,” Starsiak Hawk said. “And again, I don’t know how they’re going to put it together, but we’ve been closed for a while due to the pandemic and filming was limited and supplies are still so limited.”

With the Two Chicks & a Hammer star sharing glimpses on her own social media as well as her business Instagram profile, fans can see how she and the team are working hard to revitalize the neighborhood alongside her mother, Karen. E. Wool. But with COVID shutting down much of production and the state of Indiana seeing many more cases rise since the holidays, the good bones the team took the necessary break from production, while keeping everyone’s safety a priority. “There are many more layers to the drama than there have been in any previous season,” she added. “I’d be interested to see how it plays out in the edit when everyone sees it.”

good bones isn’t the only show for Starsiak Hawk, though. After it was announced last summer that the show has been renewed for season 7 on HGTV, the network’s parent company Discovery also announced a spin-off for Starsiak Hawk called Good Bones: Risky Business. Available exclusively on the Discovery+ streaming platform this summer, the six-episode show will feature the mom-of-two in a much rawer form, undertaking one of her biggest renovations yet with a historic property of Fountain Square covering over 6,000 square feet. Restoring the 100-plus-year-old property and its main house and separate shed comes with its own set of challenges, according to the 37-year-old, who exclusively told PopCulture that the “massive” restoration is everything. also “upper level” as the public imagines.

“As if all the houses on good bones weren’t risky enough financial investments, that’s about the next level. It’s a project – it’s huge,” she said of the home which she reveals is called Charlotte Hall, inspired by her daughter. “It’s not something I would have had to buy. There was no plan when I decided to buy it, other than I was like, ‘This is amazing. I want it. Something has to happen with that. It’s one of the oldest houses in Fountain Square and it just follows that story and it’s filmed very differently from good bones.”

For more on Mina Starsiak Hawk and all things good bonesstay tuned to PopCulture.com for more, and catch past seasons of the HGTV show on Discovery+ now with a free trial subscription.

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