Montana commission examines several proposals this Friday

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Montana commission examines several proposals this Friday

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Montana Hunters, Listen: The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is meeting tomorrow to discuss several proposals that could change seasonal wolf quotas and more in northwest Montana. In addition, the commission is also considering a proposal that would move bighorn sheep to Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake from other parts of the state as well as changes to deer and elk licenses for the season. loading by mouth.

Here is the breakdown:

The proposed changes to the state’s wolf hunting and trapping seasons include a proposal that “would allow snares for wolf trapping, increase the bag limit and allow a person to take more than one wolf per license. “, according to Lake County Chief. Another proposal changes the trapping margins – “the minimum distance a trap should be placed from trails or popular recreation areas” – in region 1. Under the proposal, some setbacks would be added while d ‘other areas “would be designated as non-trapping areas”.

The commission is also studying a proposal for the relocation of bighorn sheep. The Wild Horse Island herd is considered a “source herd” for other bighorn herds in the state. Although a 2020 survey has not been completed, in 2018 and 2019 biologists counted 130 to 140 bighorn sheep. The current target for the island is 100 to 120 animals and no hunting is allowed to control the numbers. While recent surveys have found around 75 bighorn sheep on the island, there is no known disease there and “experts suspect mountain lion predation” as the reason for the decline, according to the Lake County Chief. If the commission approves the proposal, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will work with the Confederate Salish and Kootenai tribes on the resettlement effort.

Finally, the commission will decide on a proposal that would make any permits and licenses valid for deer or elk during the general big game season also valid during the muzzleloading season which runs from December 11 to 19, according to the Lake County Chief. There are of course a few restrictions, but it would give you more time to complete your tag if you don’t get the chance during the regular season.

The meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, August 20 and will be broadcast live on the Montana Public Affairs Network, YouTube and Zoom. If you want to participate remotely or comment, Click here.

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