Mosquito spray at Cherry Hill early Wednesday

CHERRY HILL, NJ – The Mosquito Control Commission will be spraying and monitoring Cherry Hill early Wednesday morning, Camden County officials said.

During the summer and fall, the commission sets its schedules as needed based on the results of its monitoring efforts and public input.

“The brief rain yesterday allowed standing water to grow in pots, cans and other containers on your property,” said Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison with the Mosquito Commission of the Camden County. “Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, so the first thing you should do after a rain is to check your garden and remove any standing water to help eliminate the threat. This simple gesture can help reduce the parasite population in your neighborhood and aid the efforts of the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission. “

The Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday, between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., at the following locations in Cherry Hill, weather permitting:

  • Kings Dr.
  • Blossom Ct.
  • Prince Dr.
  • Autumn Ln.
  • Spring path.
  • Brian Dr.
  • Morris Dr.
  • Castle Dr.
  • Country Club Dr.
  • Heartwood Dr.
  • Knights Pl.
  • Chalet Dr.
  • Castle Dr.
  • Queen Anne Road
  • Arthur Dr.
  • Balsam Road.
  • Summer Pl.
  • Fall Ct.
  • Spring Ct.
  • Winter pl.
  • Dr. Saddlehorn
  • Court Hills Dr.
  • Bridle Ct.
  • Polo Ct.
  • Carriage House Ct.
  • Manor Dr.
  • Manoir Ct.
  • Dr Furlong
  • Dressage court.
  • Walkaway Ln.
  • Equestrian Ln.
  • Galloping Hill Rd.

“The commission is working with the Trenton Environmental Public Health Laboratories to verify the presence of West Nile virus and other communicable diseases in their samples,” Nash said. “If a pool is positive, the Mosquito Commission comes back to spray the area. The sprays take place when the mosquitoes are most active.”

The mosquito spray is not harmful to humans or pets, but you should avoid direct contact if you have breathing problems or are sensitive to irritants.

Residents should check their property for any object that holds water for more than a few days. All stages of pre-adult mosquitoes (eggs, larvae and pupae) must be in standing water to develop into adult mosquitoes.

  • Swimming pools are a common problem. All swimming pools should be checked and maintained to be free from mosquitoes. Swimming pools can breed mosquitoes in the days after stopping adding chlorine or another disinfectant. Pool covers can trap rainwater and become a site for mosquito development. Add a little chlorine to kill mosquitoes.
  • Maintain mosquito nets to prevent adult mosquitoes from entering your home or business.
  • Personal protection is highly recommended if you are outdoors when mosquitoes may be active, usually at dawn and dusk. Insect repellents containing between 10-35% DEET are very effective, however, be sure to follow label directions and take extra care with children and infants.

The Camden County Mosquito Commission suggests checking your garden for mosquito breeding containers. Here is a list of tips to help eliminate breeding mosquitoes:

  • Throw away unnecessary containers that contain water. The containers you want to keep turn over or drill holes in the bottom so that all the water will drain out.
  • Lift the flower pots and empty the water from the dish underneath each week.
  • Store fish or add a mosquito larvicide to ornamental ponds.
  • Change the water in birdbaths, fountains and drinkers every week.
  • Grill vents to septic tanks and other water reservoirs.
  • Store large boats to empty and small boats upside down. If it is covered, keep the tarp waterproof so that water does not collect on the tarp.
  • Do not throw leaves or grass clippings into sumps or waterways.
  • Do not allow water to pool on sagging tarps or awnings.
  • Do not let the lids of garbage cans fill with water.
  • Check the downspouts that can hold enough water to allow mosquito larvae to mature.

For more information or to report a problem, contact the Camden County Mosquito Commission at 856-566-2945 or [email protected]

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