New Salisbury developments validated by Wiltshire Council

Here are the planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council (south), validated in the week ending January 16:

PL/2022/00240 and PL/2022/00073 – Alderbury House, Tunnel Hill, SP5 3DW

Works for a listed building and a housekeeping request. Repair and renovation of ranges of historic houses and coaching inns with internal modifications and adaptations.

PL/2022/00203 – The Pippins, 56 Old Road, SP5 3AR

Housekeeping request. Demolition of the existing veranda. Transformation/extension of existing housing. Size of a Magnolia.


PL/2022/00249 – Chapel Cottage, High Street, SP3 5QF

Housekeeping request. Single storey extension.

episcopal stone

PL/2021/11893 – Cornpitt House, Flamstone Street, SP5 4BZ

Housekeeping request. Small extension to the south and change of use from workshop with office to accommodation annexed to the main house.


PL/2022/00200 – 1 acre Lovegrove, SP3 5DX

Housekeeping request. Single storey rear extension.

Donhead Saint-Andre

PL/2021/11765 – Pile Oak Cottage, Scotts Hill, SP7 9EH

Full planning permission. Demolition of the existing chalet and replacement with new accommodation.

Donhead Sainte-Marie

PL/2022/00139 – Barters Lane Cottage, Barters Lane, SP7 0EW

Housekeeping request. Proposal for extension of two floors, living room kitchen and bedroom en suite.


PL/2021/11914 – Land adjacent to High Post Business Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 6AT

Full planning permission. Employment-focused mixed-use development comprising the construction of 8 buildings totaling 12,744 m² GIA (use classes E(g), B2 (general industry), B8 (storage and distribution), sui generis (showroom commercial counter), with outdoor spaces, access, parking, landscaping and ancillary works.

In the design and access statement, the proposal states that it is a “mixed-use and employment-oriented development, including the construction of 8 buildings with access, parking and landscaping associated with next to the High Post Business Park”.


PL/2022/00209 – 65 Bulford Road, SP4 8DL

Removal or modification of a condition. Amended terms 9 (restrictions on deliveries) and 10 (hours of operation) on PL/2021/07939 to permit early morning newspaper delivery and change hours of operation to 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. – 1 hour earlier.

Knoyle East

PL/2022/00086 – Blackhouse Farm, Shaftesbury Road, SP3 6AT

Housekeeping request. Renovation, transformation and extension of an existing dwelling.

Laverstock and Ford

PL/2022/00189 and PL/2022/00054 – Mulberry Barn, Wolferstan Drive, Bishopdown, SP1 3XZ

Works with a classified construction and household application. Back extension and internal alteration.


PL/2021/11823 – AThe Old Byre, Primrose Lane, Woodfalls, SP5 2NA

Full planning permission. Demolition of two buildings and construction of an individual dwelling (use class C3), landscaping and related work.


PL/2022/00264 – Winstone, Portland Avenue, SP2 8BS

Housekeeping request. Two-storey façade extension and modification project.

PL/2021/11778 – 57 Fonthill, Ashley Road, SP2 7DD

Housekeeping request. Extensions proposed to the existing bungalow.

PL/2021/11740 – 131, avenue de la Bouverie Sud, SP2 8EA

Full planning permission. Extension and transformation of the first floor.


PL/2021/11012 – Sylvan, La Rue, SP3 5QP

Removal or modification of a condition. Amendment to State 2 in accordance with Planning Application 20/09986/FUL (Proposed Detached Double Garage and Modifications to Previously Approved Dwelling (ref: 17/06709/FUL)) – Proposed roof link between house and the garage and modification of the skylights.

Stoke of Winterbourne

PL/2022/00329 & PL/2022/00323 – Bridge Cottage, Church Street, SP3 4SW

Works with a classified construction and household application. Extension proposal to form a garden room and internal modifications.

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