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WESTERN RED CEDAR FRAME HOUSE LOCATED ON A STREAM AND A PRAIRIE IN UNION TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, ILLINOIS. THE PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS IS” This home is in a secluded location in the midst of approximately 60 acres of woodland and next to a pond. The house is 44 feet by 28 feet with a 28 foot high cathedral ceiling in the living room with many decks including a screened porch that spans the pond. There are four levels, basement, ground floor, balcony and small attic. There is a spiral staircase that goes from the basement to the balcony and a staircase that goes down to the attic. There are three wood-burning fireplaces and two bathrooms. A bathroom has a hot tub. The roof was replaced about 7 years ago. Municipal water runs along the road and was connected this week on 12/03/2021 to the house. Embarrassment Area Water District PO Box 235 Charleston, IL 61920 is the Company. There is a multi-car garage / workshop with a concrete floor to the south of the house which measures 96 ‘X 40’. It has two single storey doors and two overhead doors. One overhead door to the north and one to the south to allow you to park without having to back up. Also a skinny 2 pole on the east side – 960 square feet. The house was built in 1975 and the owner, his wife and family lived there until about 7 years ago when he fell ill and moved to town. The house has been empty since that time. The home is located 20-30 miles from Interstate 70 and Interstate 57, Effingham, Mattoon, Lake Land College, Casey and Newton where there are plenty of jobs, recreation, and advanced educational facilities. Also located in the same cities are shopping malls, cinemas and many restaurants. The owner of the house has an interest in approximately 700 acres of timber and cropland adjacent to the house that are not for sale; however, hunting rights may be available. If the buyer wants additional woodland surrounding the house in addition to the 10 acres listed with the house, 5, 10, 15, and 20 plots are available for $ 6,000.00 an acre. You have read many of the good things, since the house has not been inhabited for several years, here are some of the problems that will need to be fixed. Some of these issues will be visible in the photos, the bridge on the north side of the house is collapsing, the path to the islands has fallen, the other bridges will need work, if they are not replaced with New. These are small issues when you look at the whole picture after the property has been restored. Take a look, call us. we are here to help. It could be the home or the home away from home that you are looking to own!

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