Poughkeepsie’s biggest celebration of the year is back for 2021

When I first moved to Poughkeepsie over 20 years ago, I not only loved the Celebration of Lights, I totally embraced it. I made thermos of hot chocolate, traveled to the Mount Carmel area with friends to see the parade and the fireworks. At the time, there were even horse drawn carriages and ice sculptors. It was bright, festive and a huge community event. Sometimes the businesses were so crowded that you had to wait to enter. And it was awesome.

Over the years, the Celebration of Lights has continued to be a favorite night for residents of Poughkeepsie and beyond, but has had to take a break due to covid. So it’s great news that the Celebration of Lights and Fireworks Parade is on for 2021. In fact, it’s this Friday night, December 3rd.

The parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Main Street and Garden Street and will continue until the first Christmas tree light of the evening on Main, in Mural Square near Market Street. The parade will then continue along Main Street to Clover Street, where it will end at Dongan Square Park for the second Christmas tree illumination. Then at 7:15 am, the Poughkeepsie River District Trade Association and Legion Fireworks will present the fireworks display.

It will all end with a screening of the classic film It’s A Wonderful life at The Bardavon. In the lobby, Lambe Lambe, a small multi-stage puppet theater presentation by Paperheart puppets will precede and follow the film with holiday entertainment for all ages. If you are attending the film at Bardavon, you will need proof of vaccination.

Poughkeepsie will be celebrating in style this Friday night, and that’s promising news for the whole community. After all, we have to make up for lost time. It’s a great way to kick off the 2021 holiday season. For more information on this year’s Celebration of Lights, visit the Bardavon website.

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