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Previously delayed plans to redevelop a historic building in Leeds to create new apartments have been revised and are now recommended for approval.

Belmont House Development Ltd, backed by Johnson Mowat and Shaw & Jagger Architects, submitted an application to Leeds City Council in Spring 2021 for the redevelopment of the former Belmont House office complex on Wood Lane in Headingley.

Belmont House was built in the late 19th century as the residence of inventor and businessman George Bray, who developed a new type of ceramic gas burner and mass production techniques.

The property was recently used as an office but was vacated in 2020. The site also includes the Roundhouse office block, built in 2002, and the former stable, Coach House, which are to be demolished to make way for new buildings.

The application was recommended for approval earlier this year, but was later postponed for reasons related to design and scale, dominance, sustainability and carbon dioxide reduction, and building credit vacant.

The applicant has been asked to explore the possibility of removing the second floor of the proposed side extension of Belmont House to reduce the impact on Belmont House and neighboring sites and to increase the height of the Bray House element to compensate.

In the updated plans, the proposed extension to Belmont House has been significantly reduced by removing the second floor and the building will now house nine apartments and a townhouse, while the proposed block known as Bray House has been amended to include an additional floor to compensate for the loss of the second floor of the Belmont House extension.

There will be eight apartments at Bray House, up from seven, and six units on the Coach House site.

The plans were recommended for approval, subject to conditions addressing issues raised when the application was deferred.

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