Saratoga Circuit 2021: Saratoga Bankroll Beatdown

Tim Wilkin and Anthony Affrunti each received a legendary $ 2,000 to spend as they see fit during the Saratoga season.

Lots and lots of rain on Thursday. As I walked around the backstretch (leaving the golf cart on dry land), I saw moats and small lakes and rivers, courtesy of Mother Nature. I can only imagine what Otis was doing on the island with the mysterious Leopold. I’m sure the dolt brothers were trying to recreate the scene from here. Maybe Oatie was the skipper and her boyfriend Leopold played Gilligan as they tried out a remake of the pilot episode of “Gilligan’s Island”. Or maybe the stupid Otis put a veil on the Blue Baloo and he and his mysterious friend put their own spin on “The Perfect Storm”. Most likely, Otis, shaking and nervous as a day-old puppy, was hiding under his futon bed (with a New York Islanders blanket on top) waiting for the bad weather to pass. Otis, as we all know, is a coward. We also know he is a cheater. I wonder how much he added to his account for that day’s Beatdown edition. When you have to wallpaper to win, you are not a winner. WC Fields once said that anything worth having is worth cheating. It is the gospel of Otis. He’s not just a cheater, he’s also a gutsy cheater, as Doyle Lonnegan told Henry Gondorff in “The Sting”. We will know for sure what kind of con Otis is if he starts betting on horses named Lucky Dan or Blue Note. This Otis. What a character.

For today, $ 20 to win Alphalfa (3rd, turf only), $ 20 winner / place Breaking Stones (7th) and $ 5 exacta box with Road to Success.

Total bets: $ 70

Thursday’s results: Our $ 60 games in race eight all came back when the race was taken off the grass. The first choice Gambling Cat has been branded, as has Kitten With a Whip.

Losses: $ 0

Finance: $ 929.50

Antoine Affrunti

I spent another day in the upstate watching the races from afar as Wilkin battles for news and winners in the press gallery and abroad. No more claims of fixing numbers and counts, but as we know from this side of the page, that has been fixed. Weeks ago. It’s time to focus on winning as he talks about fictional characters. Only a few weeks left for this pony show, and we’re swinging for the fences like a healthy Lou Gehrig. It’s great to see our old pal Rick Thompson in the selection box on Thursday. Rick keeps an eye on the stairs to the press room and everything around the slum where the Scribe Tribe plies their trade, which is no easy task. However, the job is not as bad as it used to be. Years ago it seemed like our late friend Jarboe used to tell everyone he met to come visit him all year round. Once the season arrived, so did the multitudes, most of whom Jarboe forgot. It started the Jarboe Roof Tour, which angered Wilkin and others as Rick lost 50 pounds at the end of the encounter while climbing the stairs 40 times a day to summon Jarboe. It’s unclear how many people he’s raised over the years, and there’s a good chance if you see a photo overlooking the runway, it’s from someone on a Jarboe tour.

For today, I don’t know what kind of track we will have after the downpour, or what the turf situation will be, but we will bet $ 40 to win and place ourselves on City Magic in the first game.

Total bets: $ 80

Thursday’s results: Clawed back $ 20 from our double with Sweet Mia, who scratched in the first race, but True Castle was third which killed the double with Big Scully, who won the second race. The $ 20 up for grabs on 4th place Misty Veil looked good until she decided to take a mud-laden scenic drive through the stretch instead and settle for second.

Losses: 40 $

Finance: $ 1,721.10

Feature of the day: The $ 120,000 Skidmore, 2 years old, 5 1/2 stages (Mellon turf)
Morning crush: Kaufymaker, 8-5
Forecast: Partly sunny, high 82 degrees. Risk of rain: 20%
Thursday’s recap
Presence: 21,391
Nowadays: 664 618
Handle on track: $ 1,845,056
Feature winner, odds: Awesome debate, 3-1
Paid: $ 8.60, $ 4.00, excluding

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