Scheduling requests approved and denied in Swindon this week

EASTCOTT: The developers want to transform a former lawyer’s office in the old town into two apartments.

Few details were submitted in the application, but the plans seek permission to convert the basement of the office into a one-bedroom studio and to convert the first and second floors of the offices into a one-bedroom apartment. The office is currently vacant.

Swindon Borough Council environmental health officer Kimberly Chung said the proposed layout of the basement flat is such that the bedroom is an interior room and the means of escape is through an area high risk (cooking).

As a result, they say: “The layout should either be modified so that the tenant has a protected means of escape from the apartment, or by installing emergency windows in all bedrooms.”

SHAW: Plans have been submitted to build a one-bedroom house in the garden of an existing property.

Mr Chris Mayo, of Swindon, was refused a similar request in April 2021 and had now revised the plans.

The application site includes land at 33 Castleton Road, which is an existing semi-detached house. The site currently forms the side and front garden area to the north and east of the existing dwelling, being
delimited by a fence with posts and rails.

If approved, the plans “will also provide a suitably sized front and rear garden” and a single parking space.

The previous request was refused because the proposal would have had “a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the street scene” and would not harmonize with existing houses.

It was also judged that it would result in a “dominant and dominating impact” on the neighboring property.

WROUGHTON & WICHELSTOWE: David Fisher of ‘Micky’s Munchies’ wants to set up a community food unit in the parking lot of the health center on Barrett Way, Wroughton.

The unit would serve hot and cold meals, and Mr. Fisher says he wants it to be a community enterprise and help the parish with donations from the proceeds.

He said: “As I am a strong believer in community spirit and also where it would be a family business, there is potential for it to last for many years to come.

“After researching the village, I spoke to local businesses and local villagers and the feedback is very positive as there is nothing like the services we would like to provide in the village.”

Mr Fisher added that he had an investor who lives in the village who has invested “all the start-up costs” to fund the project, and the plans now have to be approved by town planners.

ST MARGARET & SOUTH MARSTON: Swindon City Council has submitted plans for the public art installation along the town’s eastern junctions.

The idea was first floated on social media in January as part of the New Eastern Villages expansion project.

Some criticized it, citing a perceived lack of action to preserve the town’s already existing pieces, as well as continued anger over the closure of the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.

The locations include the Whitehart and Gablecross junctions, and the plans state: “The spaces have been selected as project areas for this public intervention, both for the profile they have in the local and regional road network, with the work of art supported by the landscape and land-art infrastructures.

“It will create impactful, high-profile and celebratory works that will enhance the experience of coming to and going from Swindon’s central urban area, while delivering the first of many public works of art to follow. elsewhere in the NEV.”

EXTENSIONS: Applications have been made to build house extensions, or to build or convert outbuildings and lofts at Grove House, Front Lane, Blunsdon; North Farm Barn, Trenchard Road, Stanton Fitzwarren; 14 Pound Road, Highworth; Carriage House, School Lane, Castle Eaton; 2 Wootton Bassett Road; 2 Larksfield, Covingham; 45 Whitworth Road; 5 Honeylight View, Abbey Meads; 62 Lineacre Close, Grange Park; 8 Glenwood Close, Old Town; 21 Bankside, Old Town; 22 Meadowcroft, Stratton St Margaret; Nether Fen, The Marsh; Wanborough, 109 Grange Drive; Stratton St Margaret, 16 Parklands Road, Old Walcot.

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