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With a blend of upscale style, distinctive interior design and personalized service, the privately owned Manor House Hotel aims to provide its guests with the experience of luxury through the quality of its accommodation, common areas and reception areas. wedding and specially designed events. Located in Lindley near Huddersfield, the boutique hotel has eleven bedrooms, four individually themed bars and restaurants, a rooftop terrace and a gym. There is also a low-key wedding and events venue called Coach House, a multipurpose space designed to accommodate up to 200 guests and featuring a private musical garden. Making time spent at the mansion truly memorable, a service-oriented mindset conveys a strong sense of bespoke hospitality in a range of meticulously curated environments, all of which include the need for unobtrusive high-performance sound in sympathy with their design . The Smart Synergy installer was challenged to create an unobtrusive AV installation that would make a beautiful boutique experience even more distinctive, and opting for Sonance would deliver on every level.

“The fact that it’s a listed building made it a bit of a challenge to get the sound perfect at the mansion,” explained Shaun Hawkins of Smart Synergy Installers. “So we had to be very sensitive to the design, and not just how it looks; we also had to eliminate the transfer of sound from social spaces to private spaces within older architecture. The record demanded a level of sound quality and design that you simply cannot buy off the shelf.

Thanks to the detailed specifications, the Sonance Pro Series loudspeakers were perfect for the project. The Sonance Pro Series is a range of selectable 70V/100V/8 ohm in-ceiling, pendant and surface loudspeakers designed to deliver high fidelity with extremely low distortion, wide dispersion and smooth power response. The range shares a cohesive voice, ensuring seamless sonic integration when used together in a space. Pro Series speakers are powered entirely by Sonance Sonamp digital amplifiers.

The outdoor space was as important as the indoors, and these areas feature a mix of Sonance Mariner in-wall speakers and Son Array buried satellites and subs. AV distribution is via Wyrestorm’s Network HD 400 architecture and hotel security is handled by Dahua, involving five 4MP IP dome cameras and an eight-channel NVR.

“There is a growing desire for discreet high quality sound in the UK luxury hospitality sector,” said Hawkins. It may come from the United States where discerning customers associate the quality of the venue with its ability to achieve the perfect sound. The benefit for resi CI integrators is that their skills have grown to reach this level of fine tuning.” He added, “The Manor House was the first boutique hotel installed by Smart Synergy and something of a dream job. We knew the product and the support we would get from Habitech, and we applied our skills and abilities to relatively simple technology for a customer who understood the value of quality and wanted the best.

This meeting of the Manoir’s period interiors, with state-of-the-art technology facilitated by Habitech, along with the creativity of Sonance products that are designed to disappear rather than dominate a space, has created a bespoke sound solution that goes beyond the ordinary to transform a space and the events it is designed to host through attention to detail at every level.

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Main image credit: Habitech / Manor House Lindley

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