The 12’s come out in style

The 2021 class… Students from St Mary’s Catholic College pose on the steps of Kingaroy Town Hall before their farewell dinner

September 20, 2021

A red carpet awaited 12th grade students at St Mary’s Catholic College when they attended their glittering ceremony in Kingaroy last week.

Thoughts on upcoming exams – and future career plans – have been put aside for an auspicious night at Kingaroy Town Hall.

The students dressed up for the occasion, with great dresses, beautiful costumes and even a few cowboy hats on display.

They arrived in the usual batch of unusual means of transport, although there were no semi-trailers or carriages this year!

The vehicles included old sedans, hot Fords (including a 1976 Mercury); and some of General Motors’ best (including a menacing black Camaro).

The dinner was also an opportunity for the students to bid farewell to the local Catholic priest, Father Chukwudi Chinaka, who will be leaving Kingaroy at the end of the year.

The Parish Priest of St Mary’s Parish, Father Chukwudi Chinaka could not miss the big school night… this will be Father Chukwudi’s last Kingaroy ceremony with St Mary’s Catholic College as he is transferred to a parish in Nigeria at the end of the year

Shoes ranged from high heels to… football boots

This little guy also hitchhiked a 1928 Chrysler

Former P&F President Damien Martoo and St Mary’s teacher Jess Welch continued the chatter on the microphone… Damien also broadcast the arrivals live on Facebook.

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