The Day – Splurge on your $ 500 date

Fantasize for a moment. Imagine that you received $ 500 and you can only use it to go on a date. How would you and your spouse or significant other choose to spend it?

Maybe you’ve already put some money aside and thought about what you could do that would be fun, adventurous, or relaxing – or all three.

“I should go to New York. I mean, it’s like the most romantic place, right? This is where I got engaged. So we took a carriage ride (around Central Park), dinner at a gourmet Italian restaurant, ”said Justin Burrows, owner of LaStella Pizzeria, who has been married for nine years.

If they had enough money left, he said maybe they could go dancing (his preference) and to a comedy club (something he loves to do).

For Erik Thomas, a $ 500 date can mean a nice lunch, a couple’s massage, and a stroll down Mystic to check out some of the thrift stores and have a drink at a local bar.

He said he also enjoyed “making time to be kids” and doing activities like roller skating, bowling, playing pool or going to the Foxwoods arcade – activities that “spark conversation. “.

Mayor Peter Albert Nystrom said he believed he would take his wife, Linda, “to Nantucket Island, which is beyond Martha’s Vineyard.” It is even more historic. I always wanted to see this. We love being on the ocean, except she’s seasick. So we have to be landside unless it’s a big ferry, then she’s fine.

Her fantasy is to stay in a hostel with breakfast and have breakfast and dinner. “We don’t have extravagant tastes. So yes, we can make it work. We share meals these days.

Nystrom added, “You can get by without going very far. There is so much to see in this part of our state and in Rhode Island. I never feel the need to fly.

Niagara Falls on the Canadian side is Lisbon resident Emma Michaud’s idea of ​​a good $ 500 date, she said, “because the view is better.” Michaud said she and her relative were updating their passports. Since she doesn’t think he’s been there before, she said it was something they could share together. She said her favorite time to view the falls was in winter “when it’s really cold and everything is covered in ice from the haze.” It’s really cool. It’s a bit like Yantic when you pass through there (where ice forms on the tall rock formation) in winter.

Costs would include restaurant meals, gasoline, an inexpensive place to sleep and buy souvenirs and outfits.

“If you tell me that’s all I have to spend, I can make it work. Trust me, ”said Michaud, who previously lived in St. Catharines, Onatario, Canada, near Niagara Falls.

Scott DuPont of Norwich, 47, said: “Strawberry Park (70 acre campground in Preston) is pretty cool and it’s close.” He said you can rent a cabin or trailer midweek cheaper than on weekends or on a holiday. Plus, you save money by bringing your own food.

DuPont said he liked it because there were three pools. “There is an adult pool which is great as the kids are not there and you are allowed to have beer cans. They have two full basketball courts, a softball court, four horseshoe courts, a bocce court, and a snack station to get food if you don’t bring enough food to cook. Basically, I like to play sports.

Even though he’s not dating at the moment, Marc Pimienta, co-manager of La Stella Pizzeria, said his idea of ​​a good $ 500 date was to have a nice dinner and a glass of wine at the Italian restaurant Ballo at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville. Thereafter, he and a future date could attend a concert and then go dancing.

“I dance very well. I dance tango, Paso Doble, salsa, ”said Pimienta, born in Casablanca to a French mother and a Spanish father.

Louise Lemire from Norwich said she would go to a concert and to a nice restaurant with her husband, Jean. She said they could “buy someone else’s lunch” and / or food for a local pantry with the remainder of the $ 500 allowance.

“In the real world, I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money on a date.”

Harly Cantave from Norwich said he would go to a national park, possibly the Grand Canyon.

“You have to be financially responsible; find as many discounts as possible; bring your own food. You can do it with $ 500. There is nothing wrong with housing a car. Forget the hotel room. If you enjoy each other’s company, you might be in the car. You can legally sleep in the Walmart parking lot. Probably not the most comfortable, but certainly the cheapest. You can also camp, and if you choose the right location, you can definitely find a spot around a heavily wooded area. You could get a tent at Walmart for under $ 100. Maybe take some sleeping bags. You can literally go wherever you want and get the most out of it wherever you are.

Mackenzie George, 28, of Norwich, said she would likely take her 7-year-old son Beckett on a ‘date’. Since he enjoys collecting stones and crystals, she said she could take him on an overnight trip, stay in a hotel, and go mine for gems near Connecticut Falls, possibly Roxbury, “where you can find natural garnet”.

Their other favorite spot is Nature’s Art Village (which includes The Dinosaur Place, a 60-acre nature park) in Oakdale to observe dinosaurs and dig in the sand to identify crystals.

George’s other idea would be to take Beckett to Colorado for the turquoise if she could get good flight fares because it’s his favorite rock.

“It’s huge in the Colorado area.

In fact, Cantave, originally from Haiti, said that “a date has nothing to do with the financial aspect of it”, but everything to do with the memories created and “the emotions felt throughout. throughout the day. So a $ 500 date could be the same as a zero dollar date.

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