This $11 Million Mansion in Toronto Is an Architectural Marvel

While there are certainly bigger houses and more expensive houses in Toronto, many of these houses seem to flaunt their wealth to the face like a member of TikTok Hype House.

40 Rosedale Road is the opposite of that – it’s quietly luxurious.

But make no mistake, it’s still a home for the wealthy, but it’s classy in that sense.

The entrance hall.

You know, with dark wood paneled walls, wainscoting and other things that remind you of a country club or a place where Martha Stewart would live.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The dining room.

Listed for $11,250,000, the home features eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a shed, a pool, and sophisticated architectural details.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The entrance to the back yard.

“Once you arrive, you’ll know instantly that you’ve found your perfect home in this special residence surrounded by trees and steps from everything,” real estate agent Jimmy Molloy comments in his listing.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The living room with a fireplace.

The ground floor offers large main rooms with large, bright windows and warm features such as large fireplaces.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

One of the family rooms.

In fact, there are plenty of places to spread out and read a book in this house because each level of the house has a family room or library.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The main floor family room which overlooks the swimming pool.

However, the main family room could be the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon with tons of natural light.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The breakfast area overlooking the kitchen.

The downstairs kitchen and family room are perfect for entertaining, according to Molloy.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The kitchen.

Although, aesthetically, the kitchen does not seem to be in harmony with the rest of the house.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The large living room is 28 feet long.

It’s too modern and stylish against the English country style that the rest of the house embodies in my opinion.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is lush with two en-suite bathrooms and a walk-in closet.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto


The other bedrooms are of good size and have plenty of storage as most of them have their own walk-in closet.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

A workspace integrated into a bedroom.

Many also feature great built-in pieces, such as cabinets, bookcases, desks, and more.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The loft/playroom area.

There is more living space in the form of a loft on the third floor.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The shed has a kitchen.

The shed is ideal for a home office or a place to stay for your in-laws so they aren’t all in your business.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The swimming pool and the exterior of the shed.

As for the outdoor space, the house is surrounded by trees for more privacy and there is an inground pool for summer parties.

40 Rosedale Road Toronto

The backyard also has an outdoor kitchen.

Now all you need is a Martha Stewart-like income and that beautiful home could be yours. Just avoid “insider trading” and you should be fine.

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