This Lake District farm offers the ultimate sleepover for horse lovers

Throughout the night, we met regularly. In between, I would doze off (this was not the time for a good night’s sleep) and watch him sleep standing up (useful skill), flat with his giant belly rising like a mountain, or lying with his legs tucked discreetly under him.

The next morning, at precisely 6 a.m., I woke up to sniff him around my blanket. I opened my eyes, he looked into my soul and politely asked for his breakfast. Right now! I rushed to retrieve his bucket. When he was done, he came back to ask for more hay. Who could resist such immaculate ways?

After my own breakfast, I brushed his lush, well-conditioned mane (yes, really), and when he had had enough he turned and faced the wall, leaving me a view of his rump. . His communication skills: direct, polite, firm, were out of the ordinary. The experience ended with a distinguished carriage ride with Tracey and her sister Tamara to Cartmel, one kilometer away. We cut through the narrow lanes of this chocolate box village, which also prides itself on its sticky caramel pudding, racetrack and Michelin-starred restaurant. And, I hope, its charismatic equine residents.

Stable stays at Greenbank Farm cost from £ 250 per night for up to three people; carriage ride £ 180. At the time of publication, travel to the UK was restricted; Check the relevant tips before booking and traveling.

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