Tommy Emmanuel and Mike Dawes cover 1975’s “Be My Mistake”

Guitar luminaries Tommy Emmanuel and Mike Dawes reunite for a gorgeous acoustic rendition of the 1975 hit ballad, “Be My Mistake.” The arrangement is approached with trademark restraint. For decades Emmanuel has let heart and substance overcome lightning, and Dawes is a future virtuoso cut from the same cloth. Both allow the melancholy of the original song to transcend the complexity of their arrangement, bringing an emotional core to an impressive display of fingerstyle and hard-hitting guitar techniques.

Their cover is the third single from an upcoming five-song EP, Complete Series Vol. 3, forthcoming from Emmanuel on September 23 via CGP Sounds. The performance was filmed live by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard for Neighborhoods Apart, with sound recorded by Dylan Allredge.

Emmanuel says, “Mike brought this song to my attention, and he arranged it all and worked it out as a solo piece. Everything he did was exactly what he needed, so I just had to find space to add a few ideas and stay away. I hope I have embellished enough to create beauty. Recording with our engineer, Marc DeSisto in Los Angeles, was a blissful and creative experience that recording should be. We found our mojo in our different guitars and sound styles, put them together, and let them fit together. Hope you all enjoy the music.

Dawes says, “Be My Mistake” is probably my favorite single from the album. This 1975 cover was the only new arrangement we didn’t record together in the studio. Instead, like Tommy had never heard before, I played my rhythm guitar part in one take while he listened. He then listened to the reading to better recognize the structure. Then he sat down and nailed it. This captured moment is a testament to Tommy as the greatest player. Every delicate key and phrase is associated with such an iconic character. Note his incredible mandolin impression in the second half. A great way to end a special record that has been a privilege to create.

Photo: Adam King / Courtesy of MSO PR


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