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Sunday’s “Voices of the Past” cemetery walk at Mound Grove Cemetery in Kankakee will be a colorful glimpse into Kankakee County’s past. The event is a collaboration of the Kankakee County Historical Society, Kankakee Valley Theater Association and Mound Grove Cemetery.

Although the characters represented are indeed in the land of the deceased, the event is a real way to bring history to life. KVTA actors and actresses will be dressed in period costumes for eight people who have played major roles in the history of Kankakee County.

The scripts for the event were written by Jack Klasey, a longtime volunteer at the Kankakee County Museum and author of the weekly weekend story column for The Journal, which usually relies heavily on the files. kept by the museum.

For the first time, the scripts for this year’s event involve characters – including three father-daughter teams and two single women – talking to each other, rather than just delivering monologues to the audience.

The event will give the public a glimpse of the past and how it relates to today. How did the Perry farm become the Perry farm? What is the history of the Kankakee County Historical Museum? Learn about Kankakee’s brewing past, the family behind the Lemuel Milk Carriage House in downtown Kankakee, and the origins of the town’s homes designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The event, which only takes place once every two years, lasts only one day. Visiting hours will be 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 29. Tickets are available at the door that morning or online at bit.ly/KCCemeteryWalk.

We encourage you to show up half an hour before the start time, especially if you are purchasing tickets on that day.

Tickets are $ 10 for adults, $ 8 for adult members, $ 5 for children ages 5 to 12, free for children of members ages 5 to 12. All children 5 and under will be admitted free.

The event is held outdoors and involves walking, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for any weather conditions.

The 2021 scripts devote significantly more time to stories of powerful women.

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